Dribble Castle Sandcastle

I was taught how to make dribble castle sandcastles when I was young. There was someone making one on the beach and they showed me the technique, which is easy to learn. In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a Dribble Castle, so next time you are at the beach, you can(…)


Beach Nest Castle

Last summer I discovered one new incredibly interesting and playful activity on a beach – Making a Nest Castle! Spend one relaxing day at the beach and make the most of it! It is a perfect family activity, and I find it to be very useful for children to discover ways of creating one natural(…)

Mont Saint Michel Carte de France

The Mont-Saint-Michel is one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights. Set in the mesmerising bay where Normandy and Brittany merge, the island draws the eye from great distances. The staggering location has long inspired awe and the imagination. The story of how the mount turned into a great place of Christian pilgrimage is colourful. Aubert, bishop(…)