Cast Iron Rehad

I love to go flea market and estate sale shopping. When I get a chance I find buetys like this for cheap price and all they need is love. The First Thing I Do Is Clean the Old Beauty Up. I love cast iron and really it is simple to keep conditioned and to clean.(…)


Cast BBQ Wheels

Welcome to our very first Instructable. We hope you enjoy our project and feel inspired after reading through our great weekend endeavor. Perhaps even you learn a thing or two – we did for sure! In this project we used our interest in manufacturing to repair one of the most important pieces of equ…By: supersvein(…)


Resin Cast Coasters

There is a war being waged in your home. Drinkware and condensation have conspired in a brazen and brutal attack on your furniture, and the casualties are mounting. The stakes are high and the time for action is fleeting.But there is hope. A growing resistance rises against this awful tyranny. They …By: eLVirus88 Continue Reading(…)


Make a Mold to Cast Boiled Eggs

Think about all the molds that you use on the kitchen, they are used for ice, jello, chocolate, cupcakes, bread, etc. But almost all of them are used for making desserts.In this instructable you’ll learn how to make a mold that you can use to beautify your salads or breakfasts. It will be partic…By: handy_woman(…)


Cast Pewter Robot Badge

So, I had just published a pewter-casting Instructable, when I suddenly realised I was missing a trick: detailing.I had to spend a few hours driving, and cogitated as I drove, working out a way to do it: engraving.Welcome to another step in me learning how easy it can be to cast pewter… Material…By: Kiteman Continue(…)


Cast Pewter Rocket Badge

I have idly thought for meany years that I ought to do some metal work.What put me off was, to be frank, laziness. Being from a steel town, my mental image of "working with metal" involves huge furnaces, forges and really heavy tools.Then I realised two things:The melting point of pewter is only ar…By: Kiteman(…)


Slip Cast Ceramic Trophies

So here is the skinny. Each year at our school we have an end of the year awards ceremony that recognizes students in academics, sports, and clubs. During this ceremony I have a handful of art students who earn awards in various mediums. About a week before this years awards were to be presented I(…)


Cast Concrete Bench

I really love watching my goldfish – it’s relaxing. And I had an odd shaped space that needed a bench. The wife said, "No wood!" Therefore, my only option was concrete – something I’ve never worked with before. So, I set off to find some example projects… but there was none. No good Instructables,…By: JettaKnight(…)