Robust Cast Iron Pot Pie

Yields: 12 servingsThe cast iron pan is a staple piece to have in your kitchen arsenal. You can bake it! Fry it! Use it on the fire! Use it in the fire! Dutch Oven it! This pot pie utilizes the pan, and also makes clean up a snap! Enjoy! -Allysa Gather Ingredients Kitchen Tools: 10"(…)


Lost Foam Cast Skulls

Why lost foam skulls, Why not I say…Aluminium skulls are to casting, what ‘hello world’ is to computer programming and what flashing led’s are to electronics. My Sons were very keen to get there own cast skulls (as too was my Daughter as it turned out). Lost foam, casting has been in my experie…By: Bruce_T_NZ(…)


Recycle Project – Aluminum Can Cast (St. Louis Cardinals & Pittsburgh Pirates))

This Project was a part of a school recycling project for my engineering class. The goal of this project is to take something that is readily available that is something that is normally thrown away or recycled.One resource I was able to find were aluminum cans. The reason why I chose to use aluminu…By: Chris(…)


Cast Epoxy Resin Bowls

I decided that I wanted to try some experimentation with casting epoxy resin, I hadnt used it much before but found a local place in Auckland that was selling it at a really reasonable price, Initially I bought 3 litres (2L epoxy, 1L hardener) The guy at the shop was really helpful and gave me(…)


Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Materials Needed Cast-iron skillet Dough Sauce Cheese Toppings OvenThe dough is the trickiest part. I cheated and used a pre-made dough from Trader Joe’s. But if you’re aiming high and looking for the best bubbly, yeasty, crispy pizza crust that you can make at home follow this recipe from Seri…By: toymakerlabs Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Cast Iron Rehad

I love to go flea market and estate sale shopping. When I get a chance I find buetys like this for cheap price and all they need is love. The First Thing I Do Is Clean the Old Beauty Up. I love cast iron and really it is simple to keep conditioned and to clean.(…)


Cast BBQ Wheels

Welcome to our very first Instructable. We hope you enjoy our project and feel inspired after reading through our great weekend endeavor. Perhaps even you learn a thing or two – we did for sure! In this project we used our interest in manufacturing to repair one of the most important pieces of equ…By: supersvein(…)


Resin Cast Coasters

There is a war being waged in your home. Drinkware and condensation have conspired in a brazen and brutal attack on your furniture, and the casualties are mounting. The stakes are high and the time for action is fleeting.But there is hope. A growing resistance rises against this awful tyranny. They …By: eLVirus88 Continue Reading(…)