CD Case Concrete Coasters

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with casting things in molds. (‘moulds’ or ‘molds’, seems they are interchangeable words) Currently, I am a bit of a concrete-o-holic! I look at all kinds of things to see if they could somehow be a mold. This project is a super easy way to cast(…)


Ultimate TS-100 Travel Case

The most important tool in my workspace would have to be my TS-100 soldering iron. Because of this, I find myself taking it with me everywhere. After a few accidental drops, I decided to print a quick case (0.7 layer height) for it so that I could take my iron in my tool bag knowing(…)


Custom Tablet Book Case

This project is a book which is partially hollowed out and glued to make a creative case for a tablet. ​Gather All of Your Materials You will need: 1 hot glue gun, 2 hot glue sticks, 1 X-ACTO knife, 1 cool book of your choosing, 1 8oz container of Mod Podge glue, 1 paint brush,(…)


Acoustic Levitator Case

Acoustic levitator from Asier Marzo is a very popular thing here on instructables. I build it, it was working but I noticed couple of issues. For example: The 3D printed space between bowls is a bit fragile. The levitator can’t stand on its own because of its curvature. …By: Jakub_Nagy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Volca Synth Foldable Case

Foldable wooden case for Korg Volca synthesizers with integrated MIDI keyboard and speakers. Based on Volca Synth Suitcase, which I built nearly half a year ago.What’s inside:- Korg Volca x 4. I’ve used Bass, Keys, Sample and FM- Korg mini kaoss pad 2S- Arturia KeyStep- MINDBURNER 3 way MIDI splitte…By: rzinurov Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Leather Diy Sunglasses Case

Hello everyone!!!!Glasses are worn by many of us, not only adults but also children. To protect glasses, you need to buy a cover also for them. In my opinion, if you can sew, you must learn how to sew cases for your eyeglass.This is not only a best handmade gift, but also profitable item, because(…)