Raspberry Pi Case

In this Instructable, I’ll show you how to make a basic plexiglass case for the Raspberry Pi Zero. I saw the one on Adafruit’s website, but i didn’t realize how handy having a case like this would be when i ordered the zero. So, instead of waiting another week for a proper case, I decided(…)


BALIBERI’S Racket Case

Do you want a case for your BALIBERI racket? Follow these simple steps and you will have it !!! For This Project You Will Need: MATERIALS- neoprene- zip – plastic – sewing threadINSTRUMENTS – 3D printer – laser cutter – sewing machine The first thing to do is to design with inkscape (a softwa…By: lucariggi(…)


DIY Synth Wood Case

This is plans to make your own DIY Synth Wood Case.Enjoy and Customise it like you want. First Wood Cut You need to cut a first plank of wood to make this first part.I used a 15mm wood plank.(the holes are not required, it’s up to you with your sound installation) Second Wood Cut In(…)


Color Changing Case

A guide on how to recreate our color changing case Case Interaction Video Problem Statement Most people buy many phone cases, just because of the simple fact that they want cases in an assortment of colors. What we have designed is a phone case that will change color to the consumer’s choice …By: ejapundza Continue(…)


How to Make a Leather IPad Case

I have wanted to get into leather working for quite a while now. I even bought a side of leather and some basic leather working tools last year. I just not got around to making my first ever leather project: an iPad mini case. Take a look at the video of how I made it(…)


Leather Pencil Case

Welcome to another one of my leather projects! As always you will not need any of the fancy leather equipment usually used for these kinds of projects. This pencil case is designed to be made by anyone with ordinary tools you should already have. For this case I wanted to make it as compact as(…)


Leather Business Card Case

I have been leather crafting since 2010 now – I still have not attempted to wet form ANYTHING that I have made out of leather – up to this point. Crazy right?!Wet forming leather is a relatively basic technique which is commonly used for making knife sheaths and holsters. I have not made any of(…)