A Simple Leather Card Case

Leather card case (business card holder) is the most basic work for beginners to practice their skills. It’s also a great gift for friends. This is a common design, but I modified it so that you can cut multiple lines at once and use the leather as little as possible. It can carry up to(…)


Display Case for a Desk

This is an instructable for a cover or display case for a desk. It can also be modified for almost anything that looks like a display case for anything.I decided to modify something I saw on Thingiverse with an IKEA Lack Table as a 3D case to hold the heat in and dust out. I(…)


Portable Case With Battery for Raspberry Pi Zero W (EN/FR)

ENThis guide will explain how to create a "Portable computer" with a Raspberry Pi zero, an Iphone battery et some electronics modulesFRCe guide explique comment fabriquer un "Ordinateur Portable" avec un Raspberry Pi zero, une batterie d’iphone et quelques modules electroniques Material Raspberry…By: Neodyme Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Razor Travel Case

These are my double edge (DE) safety razors. They are classified as three piece razors. (See the second photo.) The top cap (center of the three pieces) has a screw stud cast into it. These sometimes break off. I wanted a rugged, inexpensive, and convenient protector for when I travel. I decided to …By: Phil(…)


3D Printed USB Case

The USB I use for most things had a not very well designed key ring attachment point, and it ended up breaking, so I can no longer attach it to my keys.To fix the problem, I could have just bought a brand new USB that was better designed for a key ring, but that would(…)


Replace Flap on Phone Case

I’ve been going around with a really shabby phone case for quite a while now. It suits me fine that way. I’m more a holes in the jeans kinda guy anyway. But when the duct tape from a previous repair job was starting to ware away I decided I needed a more drastic fix-it job(…)


Retro-Gaming Machine with Raspberry PI, RetroPie and Homemade Case

Some time ago I found a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi named RetroPie. I found out immediately that it is a great idea with a great implementation. One-purpose retro-gaming system without unnecessary features. Brilliant.Soon after, I decided to buy a new Raspberry Pi, on which I wanted to run t…By: MarPok Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)