Retro-Gaming Machine with Raspberry PI, RetroPie and Homemade Case

Some time ago I found a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi named RetroPie. I found out immediately that it is a great idea with a great implementation. One-purpose retro-gaming system without unnecessary features. Brilliant.Soon after, I decided to buy a new Raspberry Pi, on which I wanted to run t…By: MarPok Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


CD Case Concrete Coasters

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with casting things in molds. (‘moulds’ or ‘molds’, seems they are interchangeable words) Currently, I am a bit of a concrete-o-holic! I look at all kinds of things to see if they could somehow be a mold. This project is a super easy way to cast(…)


Ultimate TS-100 Travel Case

The most important tool in my workspace would have to be my TS-100 soldering iron. Because of this, I find myself taking it with me everywhere. After a few accidental drops, I decided to print a quick case (0.7 layer height) for it so that I could take my iron in my tool bag knowing(…)