DIY Paper Magic Card

As the first instructable in the instructable Page DIY Makers. We have decided to post a project which Includes a Simple Magic which is made by simple things like paper, Hard A4 papers and likewise. So we have decided to post a project called as " DIY Paper Magic Card". You can give this handmade(…)


How to Freeze a Credit Card

Credit cards are a great way to build your credit and cover unexpected expenses, but they can also be a major temptation. If you’re a big shopper or are going through a tough time financially, your credit card may be burning a hole in your pocket. To prevent overspending, you can freeze your credit card(…)



It’s a circle of life – at kindergarten you proudly make all kind of things for your mom, in your teen years you don’t understand why your aunts have so much kids’ rubbish at the fireplace and when you have your own kids you hold the tears as you pin the masterpiece of your offspring(…)


ATM Machine Using Arduino (Finger-print+RFID Card)

Hello friends ,I come back with new idea of ATM machine using Arduino .It can be helpful in rural areas where cashless services are not possible.It is a little idea .I hope you enjoyed it.Let get started………… Components Required: Arduino UNO.GSM 900 (any GSM Module).Finger-print scanner Mo…By: sandeep jagdev Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)