Card Sorter for a Trading Card Machine

Card Sorter for a Trading Card MachineThe BackgroundI already explained the motivation of my project in the Card Feeder article. But in short, my children and I have amassed a large amount of Trading Cards by now. The handling, sorting, etc. is very difficult with these quantities. We have already t…By: theguymasamato Continue Reading »(…)


DIY Greeting Card using Quilling

Hand-made gifts and greeting cards add more thought, value, and meaning to the festive spirit and bring joy and happiness to our loved ones! The best part? It’s all about DIYing and having loads of fun! So, as 2018 nears its end, we decided to take a break from our regular project-making pattern and…By: theSTEMpedia(…)


Snowman Greeting Pop Up Card

This is a snowman card that pops out right when you flip the greeting card open. I am going to show you how to make this snowman greeting card for your Christmas greeting card needs. Even if it’s not snowing outside and you give this holiday greeting card out to family and friends, it will(…)


Angel Greeting Pop Up Card

Everyone has an angel watching over them whether it be your friend, your folks, significant other or your brother and sister. You can now physically show that with this awesome Christmas angel pop up greeting card. By giving this angel greeting card to them, it will let them know that you are grate…By: PaperChaser Continue(…)


PCB Christmas Card

With Christmas around the corner I was thinking about a neat gift idea for my relatives and friends. I recently ordered a couple of pcb’s for a different project and I figured it would be fun to make Christmas cards from pcb. In addition to being a fun idea it’s also very practical. I design(…)


Christmas Tree Pop Up Greeting Card

Season greetings and it’s time to make your very own Christmas Holiday paper crafting template. Anyone can make their own Christmas tree pop-up card and send it to their family and friends. You can do this Christmas greeting card template over the holidays with your loved ones. Everything about this…By: PaperChaser Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Glitter Acrylic Christmas Card

This week we’re making an amazing glitter acrylic Christmas card using our Trotec Speedy 360 laser cutting machine. We engrave the acrylic, then kiss cut it, laser cut the hinge, the glue in our second acrylic layer as well as paper to personalize your card with.Artwork files attached. Engraving t…By: Trotec Laser Canada Continue Reading(…)


3D Gold Star Greeting Card

Hi everybody! This is just a quick instructable about this cool greeting card I made and thought I’d share it with you seeing as we’ve come to that time of year again.I took my inspiation from Giulia Art’s Thanksgiving greeting card I saw here on instructables last month. Immediately I wanted to see…By: RayP24 Continue(…)