3D Printed Captain America Helmet

This isn’t actually a Captain America helmet, technically. This helmet belongs to "The Captain" or "Captain Nomad" or possibly US Agent. It’s meant to resemble what Captain America’s helmet might have looked like if Steve Rogers had worn the black costume he’d worn in the comics for a year in 1989…By: AndrewRGross Continue Reading »(…)


Felt Pin: Captain America Shield

Here is a tutorial on how I made a Captain America Shield pinI also have provided FREE templates down below. There is also a video beneath this photo tutorial. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Gather Materials Materials needed: Circle Template (to make whatever size badge you want) –…By: CwatherineC Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Captain Jack Gecko

Materials: Dark brown felt, chalk, round object for tracing, acrylic paint (black and brown), brown thread, hot glue gun, multicoloured brown/black yarn, red and white beads, and a small piece of red material. Trace Hat Shape *On a piece of felt, trace a small round object such as a duct tape rol…By: theartfulbirder Continue Reading(…)