How to Focus a Camera

While automatic focus usually does the job, sometimes focusing manually is the key to a great photograph. For a DSLR or SLR camera, set the lens to manual focus, then twist the focus ring until the subject becomes sharp. If you want a focused subject and blurred background, use techniques to achieve a shallow depth(…)


Diy Camera Rig and Stabilizer

I was filming a science video for my YouTube channel when a fascinating thought hit me: It would look incredible if I had a camera rotating around me while I spoke, keeping the listener engaged and making my videos a lot more fun the watch. I started brainstorming how I could make this a reality.(…)


How to Choose a DSLR Camera

You should consider your camera needs, desired features, and potential accessories when thinking about what DSLR camera to purchase. You can also base your DSLR decision around the camera’ features, like sensor size, megapixels, video mode, and shooting modes. Whether you are a professional sports photographer or a mother looking to document the journey of(…)


IPhone Camera Spinner

The iPhone camera spinner is a setup for using a drill to spin an iPhone really fast for the purpose of shooting video. To be honest, I got the idea to make this device from a Vimeo video I stumbled upon not too long ago. In the video they had zip tied a point and(…)


SKY CAM an Aerial Camera Solution

This Instructable will walk you through how I made a remote control (Semi Autonomous) Cable Cam system for my GCSE Electronic Products Project at School and hopefully enable you to be able to create your own system! This is intended as a rough guide on the principals as each system is different dep…By: TizzDoggo Continue(…)


Camera Aid D4E1

HiLet me introduce ourselves.We are a team of industrial product design students at Howest University in Kortrijk, Belgium. For our CAD course we needed to do a redesign of an D4E1 (Design For EveryOne) project. The redesign means that we optimize the design to produce different usseable products fo…By: Manu v Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)