Bundt Cake to Hanging Lamp!

Welcome to this crazy adventure of making a hanging plant/lamp out of a bundt cake!Yup, A BUNDT-CAKE PAN!(anyone else think of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?)I’m a product designer, and I had this idea when I was designing high school furniture. Plants are great for classrooms, homes and offices, adding …By: Ange Zelenak Continue Reading(…)


Blueberry Cake

Why Blueberries? They are delicious. And mid-august is the perfect time to pick them up at the lowest prices of the season. We loaded up on Pure Michigan Blueberries from our local grocery for $ 1/lb. Even better if you grow your own or can pick them in the wild.Blueberry Cake. Jess has made som…By:(…)


How to Substitute for Cake Flour in Recipes

Cake flour has a lower gluten and protein content, which makes it lighter than all-purpose flour. It adds lightness, structure, and sponginess to delicate baked goods, like cake and scones. You can replicate cake flour’s effect by combining regular all-purpose flour with cornstarch, mixing organic cornstarch with oil or spelt flour, or using a smaller(…)


Surprise Yellow Owl Cake

Hello Everyone! In this Instructable I’m going to show you how to make a Suprise Yellow Owl Cake.The cake is shaped like and owl, is decorated with different types of yellow icing. The surprise should be that the inside is multi-coloured, but I’ve kind of spoiled the surprise in the above gif!This i…By: cazlo Continue(…)


Easy Chocoflan Cake

In this instructable I will show you how to make chocoflan. This homemade chocoflan cake recipe is really easy to make, and tastes amazing. And it definitely looks cool! Remember if I can do it you can do it! Let’s get baking! Don’t forget to follow me and check out my other instructables!If you hav…By:(…)


How to Make a Microwaved Oreo Cake

Most cakes take hours to prepare and bake. If you want to whip up a cake that’s easy to cook, is chocolaty and sweet, and only requires a few ingredients, this is the cake for you. This toothsome microwaved Oreo cake only takes five minutes to microwave, leaving you with a dark, fudge-like, moist cake.(…)