Customizable Desk Caddy

Is your desk always a mess? Are your needs for organization ever changing? Do you like simple builds to hack your life? Well the customizable desk caddy is just for you! It uses palletwood to create the base frame to hold your hacks.For the key to customization, it uses 3D printed pieces that insert…By: 16ztimothy(…)


Diy Tool Caddy

I build this small tool caddy for on my desk. Because it’s always a mess, my tools are laying everywhere. Now with my tool caddy I have a place to put all of my tools. And because I have 100 subs on my youtube channel you can download the plan for free. The Design To(…)


Skateboard to Beer Caddy

Couldn’t think of a better misuse than this! Check out my instructable on how to create this awesome misuse Cut the broken boards First off find 1 or 2 broken boards! DO NOT GO CUT A PERFECT BOARD. Cut them at 10 inches tall. Hand made dowels I cut 1inch by 1inch then used a(…)



Looking for a way to organize your BBQ essentials? I made this wood BBQ Caddy that holds all of our BBQ tools, sauces and spices. A great way to organize, store and carry all of your BBQ necessities all in one place. The bottle opener is a great add on. Tools, Supplies and Cuts Tools(…)


Ammo Can Bottle Caddy

Hey Everyone! First Instructable from me; so I’m hoping to get some great feedback.I made this bottle caddy after searching on the internet and not being able to find anything remotely close to this, nor could I find an intstructable so thought I’d do my part and add it to the list of other awesome(…)


The Paint Caddy

Welcome to the Paint Caddy!If you paint a lot of models or miniatures, you’ve probably found yourself digging through tupperware containers of little paint bottles. I’ve designed and built this neat little tray to store my paints, but also to give me an attractive case that’s not just for carrying …By: NEIN Continue Reading »(…)


DIY VW Caddy Maxi Camper

I’ve bought a caddy maxi 6 years ago. I like the car a lot, moving, taking my bike with me, sleeping after a night in the bar, … It’s all possible. But I wanted to be able to go on a holiday, without having to move everything around *every* night and again *every* morning.A few(…)