Custom Steel Cable Crimp

Steel cables can be spliced in a variety of ways — crimp, weld, solder, glue, braid, etc. Here I’ll use a short length of copper tubing from my scrap metal pile to create an end loop on a 3/16" (4mm) cable. Crimp kits start around $ 3 at big box stores, while ferrules generally cost(…)


Make a Beer Can Cable Car

I made this model cable car out of beer cans as a souvenir of our recent holiday to Austria. It’s made from aluminium cans cut, folded and riveted together, including photos of our friends looking out of the windows. Having recently become obsessed with these elegant vehicles I just had to make one!…By: MisterM Continue(…)


Power Bank Inside a USB Cable

In this instructable I show you how to make power bank hidden inside USB cable. Main point of this project, make cable witch can jarg small devices such as: smartwatches, wireless headphones or prank your friends also save data transferring capabilities. Parts for this project you can find lying in …By: Barely Painted Continue Reading(…)


Ethernet RJ45 Cable Tester

Hi allthis is my first instructable, so forgive my less-than-optimal description (and some missing photos)-The idea (well, the need, actually) was to check the proper cabling of a long (40m or so) ethernet cable from my flat to the basement; the routing itself was tricky, with a lot of narrow passag…By: scimmiettarossa Continue Reading »(…)


Cable Drum Compost Tumbler

Our community intalled ground based fiberoptic broadband last year, leaving big, empty cable drums around. So I asked nicely could I get them. Two of them were not made in the "traditional" style of drum, so after a couple of weeks of just looking at the structures, I felt I had a somewhat clear pic…By:(…)


Chunky Cable Crochet Blanket

We’ve all seen them, those oversize throw blankets. They’re staged perfectly at the foot of a bed or over an armchair in the most sought after interior design magazines and I pine for the textured look & cuddly softness they would provide. Unfortunately, they tend to be hard to find or over-price…By: jaybeeconcoctions Continue Reading(…)