Power Bank Inside a USB Cable

In this instructable I show you how to make power bank hidden inside USB cable. Main point of this project, make cable witch can jarg small devices such as: smartwatches, wireless headphones or prank your friends also save data transferring capabilities. Parts for this project you can find lying in …By: Barely Painted Continue Reading(…)


Ethernet RJ45 Cable Tester

Hi allthis is my first instructable, so forgive my less-than-optimal description (and some missing photos)-The idea (well, the need, actually) was to check the proper cabling of a long (40m or so) ethernet cable from my flat to the basement; the routing itself was tricky, with a lot of narrow passag…By: scimmiettarossa Continue Reading »(…)


Cable Drum Compost Tumbler

Our community intalled ground based fiberoptic broadband last year, leaving big, empty cable drums around. So I asked nicely could I get them. Two of them were not made in the "traditional" style of drum, so after a couple of weeks of just looking at the structures, I felt I had a somewhat clear pic…By:(…)


Chunky Cable Crochet Blanket

We’ve all seen them, those oversize throw blankets. They’re staged perfectly at the foot of a bed or over an armchair in the most sought after interior design magazines and I pine for the textured look & cuddly softness they would provide. Unfortunately, they tend to be hard to find or over-price…By: jaybeeconcoctions Continue Reading(…)


Cable Stripper

Everytime when I got some cables from someone I’ve stored them in the basement for … later use.Now I had something about 30-50Kg of cable but no later use. But the copper is worth something. So I’ve still the cable in my basement 😉 For Other projects I may need some copper so lets build(…)


DJI Drone USB Cable Hack

I hate cables and wires! If you read any of my other Instructables you would know this… So here we go again… Simplifying, Ceaning up and De-cluttering my life. Like Always! Everyone gives you a cable that is either way to short or instainly long!Honestly who wants their S**T looking like this…By: Withered Perception Continue(…)


Protecting Phone Cable Using Craft/Fun Wire

Protecting Lightning cable using Plastic covered Fun/Craft cableNow, the binding wire won’t repair or fix non-functioning old cables, but it will help keep your new cable in conditionHelps if the damage to your cables isn’t too severe (i.e. lightning cable is functioning)Adequately flexible to preve…By: achauhan22 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured