Building a Cedar Deck

There is a certain beauty to a cedar deck and it has the added advantage that cedar is slow to rot. There are a lot of regulations in building decks so check with your local authorities.You can use sonotubes, screwpiles or other substances for the foundation of your supports. Because this area is…By: WesH31 Continue(…)


Building a Small Deck

I’m turning a small shed into a workshop, and I wanted to extend the square footage and build a nice deck. I’m using pressure treated lumber and some basic tools to accomplish this job. Make sure to watch the video that goes over all the steps in more detail! The shed measures 10 x 14(…)


Building an Outhouse

Before you build an outhouse, you need to check with your local government. There are a lot of rules regarding any kind of waste system. This outhouse included a washing station. There are a lot of regulations about how close you can put an outhouse to water and to your lot line so check with(…)


Building a Sun Room

This instructable is for a three season sun room with the exterior dimension of 14 feet by 14 feet attached to an existing house. The first thing you need to do is to remove obstructions and clean the area. Also, make sure that the grade is such that it slopes away from the house. Your(…)


Building a Sliding Deadman

After finishing our Roubo-inspired workbench and adding an inexpensive leg-vise, I decided to go ahead and make a sliding deadman (sometimes called a board jack) for it as well. The deadman helps support the end of longer workpieces held in the leg vise and that comes in especially useful when hand …By: AroundHome Continue Reading(…)