Build a Pirate Ship Wreck

Each year my wife and I enjoy Halloween with the neighborhood by getting everything all decked out (excuse the pun) in pirate fashion. We tend to lean towards making all of our own props for Halloween and generally any store bought items are usually modified in some fashion to suit our own needs. …By: Jigsawman(…)


The 16 Brick Rocket Stove – Quick (30 Second) Build – Easy DIY – Simple Instructions

in this instructable i’ll show you how to quickly and easily make the 16 brick rocket stove. Watch Video… 55 Second Video ~ W/30 Sec. Build! This is a "to the point" video showing how to construct the basic "16 brick" rocket stove. full instructions with "burn footage" in under a minute! Rea…By: desertsun02 Continue(…)


DIY Stainless Steel Coffee Table With Ceramic Top and CNC Resin Incerts build

Hello and a warm welcome to all Instructables community. So, this is my 13th Instructables. If you like my project then don’t forget to vote, like and share.Also, don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.Hello And warm We are using this old table for almost more than 15 years and I thi…By: AMbros(…)


Build Your Own Foosball Table

Several months ago I was build custom ,,Corexy" 3D printer. Sister told me that she want Foosball table. So this inspired me to create 3d printed parts for Foosball table. So it will be cheaper than buy new from store. With all parts it cost to me 100Eur. It is not professional Foosball table, it(…)


Build an in Ground Swimming Pool

Hello and welcome to another insanely awesome Instrucable on doing something incredible.I’m Sam, I’ll be your guide to do something you thought you would never do: build and install your own in ground concrete swimming pool! We aren’t talking a silly above ground pool you bury, we are talking custom…By: The Sam D Continue Reading(…)


How to Build Additive Sculptures With Foam Core and Packing Tape

I started to build sculptures about four years ago for atrium at my school. I was coming up with my own creations and strategies until I found alexthemoviegeek on I have since been advancing the techniques learned on this site and have developed my own version that is constantly i…By: imagination-adventure79 Continue Reading »(…)