PVC Keezer Collar Build

Have you ever sat at home thinking to yourself that you would love a beer, but going to the store is too much? or that for your party, or the big game some beer taps would be excellent? well think no more: A keezer is right for you.What is a "Keezer" you ask? that’s probably(…)


How to Build a Bee Vacuum

Using a bee vacuum makes collect wild hives easier and damages the bees less than brushing them into boxes.You also collect of the bees, which leads to a better outcome. You’ll need a larger box to be the vacuum chamber. You’ll need to add an inlet and a wired box to capture the bees. Mark(…)


Build a Dual 15V Power Supply Using Off the Shelf Modules for Under $50

Introduction:If you’re a hobbyist that deals with audio, you’ll be familiar with dual rail power supplies. Most low power audio boards such as pre-amps require anywhere from +/- 5V to +/- 15V. Having a dual voltage power supply makes it just that much easier when prototyping designs or just general …By: Killawhat Continue Reading »(…)


Recreating the Universe in the “Cosmic Rift” Table; AKA: How to Build a Resin Table Like a Boss!

After building several resin river tables, each one more elaborate than it’s predecessor, I struggled to figure out how to top my last one… I wanted to build something epic, something that I had never seen before that I hopefully shouldn’t have to struggle too hard to sell upon completion. Ive…By: PartCraft Continue Reading »(…)


Build Your Own Skateboard

Hi everybody!In this I’ble I will present you the whole process of building my very own, home-made, hand-painted skateboard.I am not a rider nor a good wood maker nor an artist. I just wanted to build it by my own and ride it afterwards.I lost a lot of time in the process finding the good(…)


Build your own Fairy Light Tree

Recently I wondered how hard/easy would it be to make one of those LED trees/branches that seem to be popping up everywhere. So I ordered some fairy lights and gave it a go. It took me about 15 hours to complete (plus some drying time) and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. If(…)