How to Create a Working Budget

Budgeting is a great way to see where your money goes each month. Plus, it also lets you cut back on your spending if you’re outspending your income. A good budget restricts your spending to an amount lower than your total income. So, whether you’re trying to get out of debt, saving up for a(…)


Acrylic Pour Painting – on a Budget

Is your drawing deplorable? Is your painting pathetic?Well, acrylic pour painting is just the thing for you!It needs no drawing or painting abilities and lets you act like a five-year-old by getting paint all over your hands. Yaayyy!This Instructible will focus on acrylic pour painting, but on a bud…By: ronnietucker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Serious Speakers on a Budget

This pair of Serious Speakers is the result of my year-and-a-half rollercoaster project Designing loudspeakers by trial and error.In this Instructable you will find everything you need to make the Serious Speakers that are now in my living room and that I enjoy everyday.The budget for these speakers…By: ynze Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

A lot of people don’t even start to think about seasonal decorating until the holiday season, but there are lots of inexpensive ways that you can celebrate the arrival of fall as well! By incorporating natural elements, reusing items that you might already have, shopping strategically, and taking on craft projects, you can create a(…)


Space Invaders Clock (on a Budget!)

Recently I saw a cool build by GeckoDiode and I immediately wanted to build it myself. The Instructable is Space Invaders Desktop Clock and I recommend you have a look at it after reading this.The project was almost solely built out of parts sourced from Adafruit with a 3D printed enclosure, and las…By: smooth_jamie Continue(…)


How to Keep a Guinea Pig on a Budget

Owning guinea pigs is something that can really break your bank and cause you financial problems. They require a splash-out of money for their cage, hay and food costing a fortune each month. However, there are a few handy tips to get your financial plan on track. EditSteps EditHousing Avoid adopting more guinea pig’s than(…)


Date Night Meal on a College Budget

Looking for a high end restaurant quality meal on a college budget? Look no further, New York Strip Steak with a variety of sides is a classic upscale meal that intermediate to highly experienced foodies find simple to make, but also delicious. Fantastic to impress a special someone or just to treat…By: riboleon Continue Reading(…)