My porcelain cup broke during the first burning and I wanted to fix it in a way that changed its aesthetic expression. WHAT YOU NEED:Broken porcelainDrill and drillbitCheramic oven Acrylig paintNylon threadBeadsPilersCrimps DRILL HOLES Make small holes with a small drillbit. Focus on the edge whe…By: VildeM Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Adze From Broken Hammer Head

Adze is a usefull tool. This one is made from broken masonry hammer. There’s nothing more I can say to introduce this project, so let’s just moove on. I had this hammer head in my box of broken tools and at each time seeing it during the time I gradually planned it’s transformation. And the(…)


Textured Vase Out of a Broken Mug

Hello creative people,What would you do with your old mugs other than throw them in to the trash bin.. ?Here’s an idea, you can make this textured vase and add it to your home decor.Try it out, it’s easy, cost effective and it takes less than half an hour to complete the whole project.So lets(…)