Faux Brick Walls

We will be making "brick" walls and sections… Using joint compoundSupplies and tools needed:1. you will need Joint Compound, a 4.5 gallon container is around $ 25. at any Hardware store, I bought this at the Home Depot.2. masking tape to make the joint lines, 1/2 inch looks the best but it’s hard t…By: JasonF205(…)


Brick and Mortar Cutting Board

There are many designs of Brick-&-Motar style cutting boards available online. This is my take on this style. Enjoy! Design After a quick sketch up in CAD I settled on ~12"x~16"x~1" thick finished dimensions and backed into the amount of material needed. Tools and Materials Tools Needed:San…By: mara0192 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured



The IOT123 BRICKS are DIY modular units that can be mashed up with other IOT123 BRICKS, to add functionality to a node or wearable. They are based on the inch square, double-sided protoboards with interconnected through holes.A number of these BRICKS are expected to be on multiple nodes (Master MCUs…By: IOT_123 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Brick Wall Drink Coaster

I’ve seen this design used when making cutting boards, and other projects. They usually use hardwoods. I loved the design but my budget did not allow for the hardwood. I also lacked the necessary tools for making a cutting board. I wanted to make something that was cool and simple to make. I al…By: BertF7(…)


Brick and Mortar Bowl

Ever since I purchased my lathe I wanted to make bowls. I made a sled for segmented bowls a few months back and wanted to experiment with different patterns and wood. I love the look of paduke and walnut and decided on this brick and mortar pattern. Most of the math and sled preparations are(…)


The 16 Brick Rocket Stove – Quick (30 Second) Build – Easy DIY – Simple Instructions

in this instructable i’ll show you how to quickly and easily make the 16 brick rocket stove. Watch Video… 55 Second Video ~ W/30 Sec. Build! This is a "to the point" video showing how to construct the basic "16 brick" rocket stove. full instructions with "burn footage" in under a minute! Rea…By: desertsun02 Continue(…)


Turn Your 3d Design Into Buildable Brick Models Using Tinkercad

Tinkercad is an easy 3d modeling tool that enables you to design and model your ideas and turn them into reality. Now, there’s a new workspace in Tinkercad that makes translating your own 3d design into stackable bricks both fun and easy. This lesson will introduce you to the Bricks Workspace, take …By: tinkercad-support Continue(…)