How to Make Braided Bracelets

Braided bracelets are a great way to take your outfit to the next level. They are chic and trendy, and also fun and easy to make. Once you know the basics of making braided bracelets, you can experiment with using different numbers of cord or adding charms and beads. EditSteps EditCreating a Double-Strand Braided Bracelet(…)


Braided Challah Bread, 2 Ways

Challah bread can be intimidating, but it’s actually easier than it looks! If you’ve made bread before, it will be even easier. This is a sweet version of challah, with brown sugar both in the dough and added before braiding. Ingredients ingredients: (makes 2 loaves)4 tsp. instant dry yeast2 tsp…By: The happy giraffe Continue Reading(…)


Baby Crib/Cot Braided Bumper

Hi everyone!Today I would like to share with you how to make Braided Bumper for Baby Bed, cute and trendy DIY nursery decor. You can make it monochrome, or use any color you like.Let’s start! Supplies Stretch Cotton velvet Fabric (3 colors) Pillow stuffing (6pcs IKEA SLÅN Pillows) Sewing machine…By: Auroris Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Easy Recycled Braided Dog Toys

These adorable multi-colored rope toys are super simple to make and dogs love them! I like to use old t-shirts, but you can use any stretchy fabric. A variety of colors looks best. Cut the Strips Cut off the hem at the bottom, and then cut strips about 2 inches wide Choose the Correct Length(…)


Braided Inner Tube Guitar Strap

We are going to make a guitar strap made out of braiding a recycled inner tube. Materials There is not many materials that you will need to make this guitar strap.Here’s what you’ll need: Inner Tube Duct Tape Rubber Cement Scissors Sharp Knife (Be Careful!) Cutting the Inner Tube First you ha…By: soccerjoe13 Continue Reading(…)


Making Braided Leather

Leather is a great material for braiding and weaving. It is soft and pliable and can be cut into different numbers of strands easily using the same techniques that I teach in my How to Make Leather Fringe Instructable. Standard 3 strand leather braids have a very specific, and slightly kitsch aesthe…By: MikaelaHolmes Continue Reading(…)


Braided Earings (Jhumkas)

Braided earrings are rage now a days! These are commonly known as Jhumkas in India. Traditionally made out of precious metals, now-a-days they are commonly available to match the modern fashion.Ever thought how to make those fancy, braided silk earrings?Here we show you how to make them. Tools To…By: Pra_ga Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Kumihimo Tutorial – How to Make a Blue Kumihimo Braided Friendship Bracelet

This Pandahall tutorial will show you how to make a blue kumihimo braided friendship bracelet. Supplies needed in DIY the blue kumihimo friendship bracelet: White Nylon ThreadBlue Nylon ThreadAntique Bronze ClapsIron ScissorGlue GunMini Kumihimo Disk Make the first part of the blue kumihimo fri…By: DasiyD Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured