How to Make Paper Bookmarks

Bookmarks are handy for almost anyone, especially for avid readers and students. Decorate a simple bookmark using paper cutouts, markers, and ribbon, or make a more intricate design by weaving paper strips together. For something non-traditional, fold paper to make a corner bookmark. Keep your bookmark for yourself, or give it as a gift! EditSteps(…)


How to Use Twitter Bookmarks

Twitter offers a feature called Bookmarks that allows you to save Tweets for later. This feature is only available on the Twitter apps, Twitter Lite and There is also a “share” icon on every Tweet that allows you to bookmark the Tweet and share it via Direct Message. This wikiHow article will teach you(…)


Wrapping Paper Bookmarks

Whenever the holidays roll around, tons of presents, wrapped in pretty colored paper come with them. Not only does this mean a large amount of work buying and wrapping these presents and a large amount of fun staring at them with anticipation until finally being let loose to tear them open, it also …By: blueckupe(…)

Importing bookmarks and favorites to Edge is easier with the Anniversary Update

Back in September my colleague Lincoln wrote a handy column on how to import bookmarks and favorites into Microsoft’s Edge browser. Now that Microsoft’s Anniversary Update is out in the wild, things have changed for the better (which hasn’t been the case with all aspects of the Anniversary Update, unfortunately). Here are the two ways(…)

Microsoft Edge’s bookmarks bar is called the Favorites bar, and here’s how to enable it

Gerry wants to switch his browser to Microsoft Edge but doesn’t know whether it has a “bookmarks bar.” Gerry’s in luck, because Microsoft’s new Edge browser has something called the Favorites Bar, which is just Microsoft’s word for bookmarks, and it’s pretty easy to enable. Why it’s not enabled by default is beyond me, but(…)