How to Make a Paper Boat

Making a paper boat is a great activity that’s easy to finish and doesn’t require a lot of materials. The beauty of making a paper boat is that you only need one piece of printer paper to complete the task! By folding the paper into sharp creases and shaping it to look like a boat,(…)


RC Boat

How to make an easy and fast RC Boat! The Plans Here you have the boat plans in .dwg and .pdf format.Download the .PDF plans if:You don´t know how to use AutoCAD yet.You don´t have a laser cutting or CNC machine. Materials Needed Build the boat: 3 and 5 mm plywood panels.Coping saw.Sand papers…By: Francisco(…)


WiFi Propeller Boat II

After over 3000 hours of almost continuous printing, I decided to turn off the Ultimaker 3 Extended for a long overdo cleaning and maintenance. Surprisingly, after belt examination, pulley examination and tightening, cleaning and lubrication, only one part, the Y axis head bearing, needed replacing…By: gzumwalt Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


WiFi Propeller Boat

Summer is winding down in Oklahoma yet the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and, well, just about everyone we know are still in Lake Zumwalt to cool down. So for even more pool toy entertainment, I decided to design one final boat for the summer season, WiFi Propeller Boat.WiFi Paddle Boat is twin …By: gzumwalt Continue(…)


Waterbot: Arduino Robot Boat

The Waterbot is a robotics arduino boat. He can be programmed from scratch using arduino tools or just built and contolled using the LittleBots app.At Slant, for the past two years, we have been developing and manufacturing 3D printed arduino robotics kits. Up to this point we have created 5When we …By: Slant Concepts Continue(…)


How to Buy a Used Boat

If you’d like to buy a boat but have a limited budget or limited boating experience, a used boat is your best bet. The first step is to figure out what specific type of boat will best suit your needs. Then, visit the boat and fully inspect it. Talk with the owner to ascertain its(…)


WiFi Paddle Boat.

Summer is in full swing in Oklahoma and the kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and, well, just about everyone we know is in Lake Zumwalt to cool down. My wife has purchased enough pool toys to fill Lake Zumwalt, so I figured I would join the pool toy fray with WiFi Paddle Boat.WiFi Paddle Boat is(…)


One Sheet Plywood Boat

I have always wanted to build myself a boat. This was maybe not the one I had in mind. But I have to start somewhere I guess.:-)It’s a pretty simple and quick build. The boat is made from just one sheet of cheap construction plywood.I made a little video of the build if you want(…)