How to Clean a Bamboo Cutting Board

A bamboo cutting board is stronger, more durable, and more hygienic than a wooden cutting board. They also look great and are a more sustainable material than wood.[1] They do, however, require special care and maintenance in order to prevent them from being damaged. You will need to wash your bamboo cutting board quickly and(…)


ESP-01 Module Programming Board

ESP-01 is low cost esp8266 module, with built-in WIFI.It was created as Arduino WIFI module, but It’s more power than an Arduino, than now if you must do a little module to control a relay or some simple digital datalogger It’s the best solution.You can find news or update about this board here. S…By: xxreef(…)


Pallet Head Board

I recently moved into a new house and never had a headboard for my bed. After weeks of getting my garage/workshop in order it was time to start a project. Not having a lot of extra cash laying around I needed a budget friendly project and there is no better price then free pallets. So(…)


Kalaha Board Game

Do you like simple board games? Have you heard of Kalaha? Maybe some of you have and others have not, either way, you have come to the right place. In this instructable, I will introduce newcomers to the rules of Kalaha, and also show and give you the tools to make your own Kalaha board.(…)


Proto Board Mounting Adapter

The first photo shows an MB-102, 830 point Prototype PCB Solderless Breadboard. These are common and cheap (check Ebay). There are both smaller and larger sizes. If desired, they can be easily connected together to make larger prototyping areas. Rather than having screw holes for mounting from th…By: gwlinn123 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)