How to Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board

Stand up paddleboarding is currently one of the fastest growing watersports out there. There are so many ways to do it, so finding the right stand up paddleboard (SUP) can seem like a complicated task. But it doesn’t have to be! Consider what type of boarding you like to do, your size, and additional SUP(…)


Brick and Mortar Cutting Board

There are many designs of Brick-&-Motar style cutting boards available online. This is my take on this style. Enjoy! Design After a quick sketch up in CAD I settled on ~12"x~16"x~1" thick finished dimensions and backed into the amount of material needed. Tools and Materials Tools Needed:San…By: mara0192 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wooden Checkers Board

Materials Needed Materials for the Board- (2) 12 inch x 24 inch Finished Wood (We used Aspen) – Painters Tape – Electrical Tape – Pourable Epoxy – Resin Colorants Materials Misc. – Sand Paper – Wood Glue – Clear Coat – Paint Brushes – Craft Sticks – Disposable measuring cups – Wax Paper Tools –(…)


Stylish Chess Board

After watch a movie called Shawshank Redemption i decided to bring to life something i had on mind , to learn play chess . As a DIY as i am would be more enjoyable to play the game on the board made by myself. Better than build the board is to share what i have(…)


Clothes Folding Board

I don’t believe that laundry day should be so exhausting.No one likes folding clothes, it’s time consuming and probably the most hated chore out of all.This folding board makes everything so much easier. You can make them in several sizes, so it fits any piece of clothing you own. No more excuses su…By: HadasW Continue(…)