DIY Bluetooth Speaker With Powerbank

Hello Guys, In this instructable, I’m making an awesome Bluetooth speaker. which also has an inbuilt power bank feature. That means you can also charge your phone and other gadgets using this Bluetooth speaker. So let’s make this awesome 2in1 Bluetooth speaker.Specs & Features: Dual 3W Full- Range S…By: Surajit Majumdar Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Recycled Timber Bluetooth Speaker

Hello everybody, After being a long time viewer of this site and learning many new and exciting things, I have decided to upload my first Instructable :)I have created a wireless Bluetooth speaker using recycled Jarrah and Pine. The Jarrah was sourced from old garden sleepers while the Pine was sour…By: Alex Ditrich Continue Reading(…)


DIY Helmet Bluetooth Headset

This is a super easy and super cheap Do It Yourself guide on how to make a Bluetooth Headset for your motorcycle helmet or whatever type of helmet that you want to use this on. So this was what happens according to the say "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION". It has always been difficult(…)


Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2X3W

Check the video above for all the steps and sound test.2X3 Watt bluetooth speakerList:Bluetooth modulePower bank 2600 mAh 3 watt speakers Or you can choose similar itens with the same result Prepare the Case You can use all the types of cases because the speakers, powerbank and module are very sm…By: D-TeK Continue Reading »(…)


Knife Sharpening Angle Coach With Bluetooth & Arduino

Precision sharpening skills aren’t developed overnight! Here’s a high-tech way to monitor your knife angle during sharpening, with the help of an absolute orientation sensor and bluetooth microcontroller. This project is a collaboration with Alex French Guy Cooking!This is an intermediate level Ardu…By: bekathwia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured