How to Dye Clothing Black Without Dye

Natural dyes are a pretty way to add some color to your clothes. And while black is one of the hardest shades to achieve without artificial chemicals or dyes, it’s totally possible with a little patience and experimenting. Whether you use acorns from the backyard or iris roots, the secret is soaking your fabric in(…)


Black Magic Leather Grimoire – Bookbinding Tutorial

I’ve been really into bookbinding lately, and with Halloween coming up, I decided to make a dark grimoire with black leather and an amethyst centerpiece!Supply list:Real leather, black sheepskin leather 0.4mm thick 96 sheets A3 sized sketchbook paper (110 gsm) 2 sheets A3 black paper as end sheets (…By: Nerdforge Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Black Bean Sauce

For years I’ve wondered how restaurants make their black bean sauce. The black beans I knew were always the basic dried or canned black beans… I like them quite a bit but think of them as bland compared to the Chinese sauce.The Secret… fermented black beans!Here’s how to start making this sauce…By: jprussack Continue Reading(…)