How to Hang a Bird House

For bird lovers across the world, birdhouses are a great way to give birds a safe place to lay their eggs and rear their young. A well-located birdhouse also lets you keep an eye on the parent birds as they feed the young, and you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the(…)


Hand Painted Bird Birthday Cake

This instructable will show you how to make a delicious chocolate orange cake, ice it and then delicately hand paint it with a unique design. The skills in this instructable can be applied to any of your own designs so you can create your own personalised masterpiece any time! Preparation Is Every…By: Dale-g3 Continue Reading(…)


Fluo Plastic Bird Feeder

Installing a Bird Feeder can allow you to help some species during the middle of winter when food is scarce. You will also be able to observe some of the species that live near your garden, take pictures of them or just enjoy the presence of the bird.This Instructable explains how to cut and build(…)


Bird Cabin

I have been binge watching Longmire and I have been loving all the different log cabins. However, I noticed you do not see any log cabin birdhouses. Here is a bird cabin I built with notched beams. It resembles a log cabin. It is easy to cut the pieces and it is fun for most(…)