How to Order Taco Bell Online

If you’re in the mood for Taco Bell, you can order anything on the menu from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer or phone to access their online ordering system. Once you’ve selected your food and submitted your order, you can pick up your food anytime from then until the(…)


Halloween Door Bell

Since its Halloween, we thought of creating a touchless door bell to scare the visitors. The bell will be triggered before they are even able to press the switch. The Items Which You Will Need Mini USB Charger5V 1 Channel Relay ModuleIR Obstacle Avoidance SensorBell SwitchCasing to house the comp…By: projectvolt Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Bell Ornament With Stand

An easy to assemble bell ornament with optional display stand.I’ve printed these bells and stands in a number of color combinations. In the attached photographs, I printed a dual extrusion bell in copper and metallic silver PLA with a red PLA ribbon and copper and metallic silver stand, and a singl…By: gzumwalt Continue Reading »(…)


Arduino Door Bell With VU Meter

Basic idea is – upon pushing the door bell push button, LEDs will start to rhythmically glow along with buzzer sound, after a time two events will automatically stop. The LEDs can be outside the door for entertaining the visitor or inside. In this instructable, I am demonstrating the basic project k…By: AbhishekGhosh Continue Reading(…)


Electric Bell

To make a simple Electric Bell at home. Students can build this Bell as a science project. Components: 1)Small motor.2)Small Bolt.3)Small Switch.4)Battery.5)Wires.6)Old Bicycle Bell.7)Long Bolt with Nut. Designing: Step 1: Fix the Bell to the Card board with the help of long bolt nut.Step 2…By: vicky selva Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured