Hide Your DVR Behind Your TV

This project describes our adventure to reclaim our TV room. The room is rectangular, for years we covered the end wall window with a TV on a stand. In the before picture there is a stand with wires dripping all around and you can’t see it but the TV is actually perched atop an old(…)


Life Behind Glass. Miniature Biography – Shadow Box Assemblage

I was inspired to make this project after having watched Tony Curtis’ ‘Worlds in a Box’ documentary on the most famous Box Assemblage Artist, Joseph Cornell (1903-1972). These works, were originally intended to bring ‘new worlds’ in miniature to Cornell’s brother who was confined, through disabilit…By: Organikmechanic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Science Behind Foams

Foams are a great culinary invention. They can be traditional as well as modern, they can be decorative and at the same time taste well. You can be really creative with the color, density, texture and airiness of the foam. There are quite a few foaming agents and tools that you can use to make(…)