How to Make Beef Empanadas

Beef Empanadas or turnovers are a delicious finger food that does not require a fork and knife with this steak empanada filling I promise with these beef empanadas you will be the talk of the table.Ingredients for Beef Empanadas 10 goya turnover discs 1 lbs of finely cubed skirt steak 3 minced garli…By: EATffortlesscooking Continue(…)


Ground Beef Tortilla Pizza Cake With French Soft Cheese & Limburger Cheese Recipe

Ingredients:1000g ground beef6 tortilla wraps175g limburger cheese175g french soft cheese300ml barbecue saucesalt, pepper & paprikaoven spring form Preparation Fry the beef with a bit oil in a hot pan and scatter salt, pepper & paprika to it. When the beef looks fine add barbecue sauce and stir a…By: FoodforDude Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Smoked Beef Jerky

Nothing beats beef jerky for a quick and tasty snack! Though it’s easy enough to pick up jerky from the checkout at your grocery store, making your own at home on your smoker is really easy, and you can get any flavor you like! Having an outdoor smoker is such a fun hobby, and once(…)


Smoked Pulled Beef

Few things are more rewarding than making your own pulled beef from the backyard smoker. The cuts used for pulled beef are among the cheapest from the store, but are transformed into the softest and tastiest dish you’ve ever had. Smoked meats also develop a deep and flavorful bark on the outside, a …By: mikeasaurus(…)



Chuck Roast was my grandfather’s preferred cut of meat and, since they were on sale today, I decided to make a nice pot roast for dinner.. I simmered this one in a rich sauce flavored with tomatoes and Sherry Wine until fork-tender. Cooked with carrots celery, onions and potatoes, this becomes an …By: THE GOURMET(…)