Beef Noodle Soup (Instant Pot)

I really like Taiwanese beef noodle soup, but it takes a long time to make the broth. A good broth is the single most important aspect of beef noodle soup, so it has to be done well. I’ll show you in this Instructable how I make a simple but super tasty beef noodle soup. Ingredients(…)


Matambre (Rolled Beef)

Matambre is a South American rolled Beef Flank, stuffed with Chimichurri, vegetables and hard boiled eggs in it’s traditional form, for my version I’m just using the Chimichurri.This is a massive feed, great for a party or a bunch of blokes watching a game!I like to borrow from Vietnamese culture an…By: UrbanGriller Continue Reading »(…)


Slow Beef Roast

This is a bit of a leap of faith but, it is the best way to cook a roast.I’m using a Rack of Ribeye, the best cut of beef there is!I like to bring mine slowly to 55-59°C (131-138°F). At that temperature the Beef is Medium done.At 60°C (140°F) the collagen fibres shrink and potentially(…)


Rich Beef and Oxtail Ragu

“The best thing I’ve ever eaten” “A revelation!”“Life changing”All lovely things that have NEVER been said about my Ragu. But my kids call it yummilicious, so that’s what I call a dinner winner!This recipe will make enough Ragu for 4 hungry adults but will leave you with enough leftover sauce to mak…By: EveyMac Continue Reading(…)