Easy Beanie From Old Sweater

In this Instructable I show you how to make a quick beanie from an old sweater.It’s an easy sewing project. Can be done in 5 minutes.All you need is a sweatersewing machine (or just old school needle and thread)scissorsAn alternative for sewing can be fabric glue Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial…By: Bob-Bee Continue Reading(…)


Turban Beanie

I love wearing turbans and wanted to make one version to go with more casual fall and winter outfits! If you have an old, forgotten beanie, this is the project for you! Supplies: beanie, a small piece of fabric, needle, thread, sewing machine (optional). Pinch the front middle part of the bea…By: Maje Zmaje Continue(…)


Slouchy Beanie – Knit in the Round

Once you’ve mastered flat knitting, it’s time to take things into the third dimension. For round objects like hats, it’s more efficient to knit continuously — imagine a spiral staircase — on circular needles. This is called "knitting in the round." It’s easier than it may seem! In this beginner’s ha…By: bekathwia Continue Reading »(…)