Bean Bag Target Toss

This project is an innovation to the ordinary "cornhole" or "bean bag toss" where instead of just a single hole on the board, there is a target with multiple point values like the game of darts. This is a very fun innovation for a sunny afternoon when the family is bored and there is nothing(…)


Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I can’t believe that the holidays are already upon us! One of my favorite sides for Thanksgiving is this classic Green Bean Casserole. This recipe is so simple, delicious and comes together quite quickly. I have always loved taking this to my mom’s house f…By: ModernFarmhouseKitchen Continue Reading(…)


Black Bean Sauce

For years I’ve wondered how restaurants make their black bean sauce. The black beans I knew were always the basic dried or canned black beans… I like them quite a bit but think of them as bland compared to the Chinese sauce.The Secret… fermented black beans!Here’s how to start making this sauce…By: jprussack Continue Reading(…)


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream recipe is an easy one to master. It may seem complicated, but once you get the process down, it is simple to repeat. That is important for a vanilla recipe because vanilla often serves as the base for many other types of ice cream flavors. Once you make this(…)


Creamy Green Bean Salad

This simple green bean salad is so creamy and satisfying. Those crisp and flavorful green beans are dressed in a Greek yogurt and mayonnaise sauce. I like to cook my green beans in salted water just until they become tender, without losing their bite. After they are cooked to perfection, I cool them…By: VespressoCooking Continue(…)


LightBlue Bean+ Thermostat

LightBlue Bean+ ThermostatI made an example thermostat using a LightBlue Bean+, various external Grove sensors, and the built-in temperature sensor. The "thermostat" reacts to changes in a rotary knob to set the set point temperature, and when the measured temperature is out of range, it notifies vi…By: bhudson7 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make Black Bean Hummus

I love hummus with anything! I also like it because whenever we have family gatherings hummus is on our dinner table. I love tweaking and making little changes to hummus because its almost hard to mess it up and not come out tasting really great. I also want to add that hummus is supposedly made…By:(…)


Mung Bean Dosa

-Mung bean dosa is made with green gram and is popularly called pesarattu in Andhra pradesh which is nutritious and gluten free breakfast.Ingredients-One cup whole green gram- Small inch ginger piece-One dry red chilli- salt as per taste- water- cooking oil Soak Green Gram -Soak Green gram in wat…By: navneetha Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)