Tree by the Beach

Christmas tree made from drift wood, pumice stone, coat hanger, a stone for base, and time wandering the beach for the parts. Collection of Parts, Main Tree For the skeleton stem, I use a stainless hanger or a steel hanger of reasonable quality that is not too flimsy and cut to length or height o…By:(…)


How to Get Beach Hair

Beachy, windswept hair might be the most effortless hairstyle of all. It’s a popular look worn by everyone from A-listers to the surfer girl next door. Even if you don’t live close to the ocean, you can get this cool hairstyle yourself! EditSteps EditStyling Your Hair Braid your hair while it’s damp and let it(…)


DIY String Art Beach Sign

Having just returned home from a week-long vacation at the beach, I felt the itch to make something again. I saw a lot of really cool signs and art pieces while shopping, so I decided to make another sign. This one would hang in a bathroom at home that already has a beach-themed decor. I’ve(…)


Homemade Beach Tent

This Homemade tent can be used on the beach (which is my main use), but can easily be constructed for any outdoor activity. Hope you will enjoy this Instructable as i had assembling it. Materials Lycra fabric (the original roll is 1.5m width), so in order to get 4×3 i took two parts of 1.5m(…)