Huge Battle Axe From a RR-Track

HiMy friend is somewhat big sized, we call him viking.. or terminator.He has 40th birthday coming, i wanted to make special gift to him.Material is a 30cm long piece of railroad track. Piece weights 18kg.After shaping blade weighted nearly 8kg, so its somewhat same weighted that sledge hammer.Hardne…By: Tuomas Soikkeli Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Make a Skyrim Battle Axe

I have a folder called ‘concepts’ on my PC. It’s filled with images found around the net that might make interesting projects. I build them as and when materials and time are available, they are then mostly used as props for stills photo-shoots. I’m no gamer, but many video games have original conce…By: marshon Continue(…)


Naval Battle Robot in UM-JI

Introduction for the robotIn this manual, you will be taught how to make a naval battle robot with PS2 controller. As group X for the VG100 course, a course designed for freshman aiming at cultivating the ability of designing and cooperation, of the UM-JI (Picture 1 is the scenery of our campus). UM…By: Timeshi Continue(…)