Battery Powered ESP Design

This instructables show how to reduce battery power usage while developing unwired ESP based IoT device. Where The Power Goes? As per my previous measurement in IoT Power Consumption Concern, there are still consuming about 10 mA even ESP entered deep sleep if you are using dev board. Where that …By: 陳亮 Continue Reading »(…)


Lithium Battery Utility Board

I use lithium batteries (mostly in form of the well known 18650 cells) quite a lot. For charging them, I used to use the TP4056 boards with protection, which are available from Ebay for about $ 0.5/piece. Then I utilized a separate boost converter. But a while ago, I saw a nice video from GreatScott(…)


DIY Solar Charging USB W/ Battery

In this instructable, you will learn how to design and wire a circuit that will allow you to harness the power of the sun to charge your phone and to charge a battery for later use. Gather your Tools All tools and parts (as seen in picture) necessary to complete the project are listed here.Parts:…By:(…)


Self Excite an Alternator Without Any DC Generator, Capacitor Bank or Battery

Hi!This instructable is for converting a field excited alternator into a self-excited one.The advantage of this trick is that you won’t have to power the field of this alternator with a 12 volt battery but instead it will power-up itself so that you can use it as a normal self-excited home generator…By: omars2 Continue Reading(…)


Charging Mobile From 9V Battery

Hi friends in this instructable we are going to see how to make a mobile charger from 9V battery Things required 9V batteryotg cable9V battery clipvoltage regulator (IC 7805) Now solder the left and right pin if the ic to the battery clip Then solder the middle pin the the positive of otg a…By: science-tech(…)