Snap Circuits Super-Simple Capacitor/Light/Rechargeable Battery

This is a really simple light, battery charge reader, capacitor charger, and if you like watching a pointer go up and down then its also a game. The Parts You will need:2 slide switches (or more if you want to substitute some press switches for slide ones)1 Solar Panel (B7) http://www.snapcircuit…By: NiftyNiffler Continue Reading »(…)


How to Charge Your Lithium Battery!

There are many ways to construct a battery system for a portabel device or vehicle. I’m going to explain how I have constructed one for an Electric Longboard and one for a portable Loadspeaker (aka Boombox). I will not go into what battery to use, that depends on the application, but focus on how yo…By:(…)


Lithium Field Charger Battery Pack

In this instructable, I’ll show you how to make a battery pack from inexpensive Panasonic NCR18650B cells. While those aren’t good for usage in an RC model for their low C rating, they are good for recharging your model battery packs in the field.The NCR18650B cell has 2,5-4,2V usable voltage, 3400m…By: markusbart Continue Reading »(…)


Smart Socket With Temperature Humidity Sensor, Laptop or Smartphone Battery Auto Cut in Cut Off Switch.

This is a Smart Plug-point with Temperature Humidity Sensor DHT 11 and a Emergency LED Light. As usual this socket can be turned on and off through WiFi of any smartphone. This can also be connected to Internet and avail feature as Internet of Thing (IOT).Features including:1. Temperature Humidity S…By: kumaran512 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)