How to Run a Battery Clock on Solar Power

This contribution follows on from a previous one in 2016, (see here,) but in the intervening period there have been devellopments in components that make the job much easier and the performance improved. The techniques shown here will enable a solar powered clock to be easily deployed in such places…By: Lionel Sear Continue Reading »(…)


Portable Case With Battery for Raspberry Pi Zero W (EN/FR)

ENThis guide will explain how to create a "Portable computer" with a Raspberry Pi zero, an Iphone battery et some electronics modulesFRCe guide explique comment fabriquer un "Ordinateur Portable" avec un Raspberry Pi zero, une batterie d’iphone et quelques modules electroniques Material Raspberry…By: Neodyme Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Battery Powered Tube Amplifier

Tube amplifiers are loved by guitar players because of the pleasant distortion that they produce. The idea behind this instrunctables is to build a low wattage tube amplifier, which can be also carried around to play on the go. On the age of bluetooth speakers, it is time to build some portable, bat…By: ThomasH358 Continue(…)


Repair Dead Laptop Battery

We all know it. Suddenly, your laptop battery stops working. It won’t charge and the moment you pull out the charger the laptop turns off. You have a dead battery. I have a fix that will revive it.Please notice, that we are only reviving a dead battery. If you have a "bad" battery that only(…)


How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals

Many a time I’ve managed to get my hands on some electronic gizmo only to find that the battery compartment totally corroded. It’s usually one of the main reasons I think that people throw toys and whatever else takes batteries away.The corrosion is caused by potassium hydroxide which can leak out …By: lonesoulsurfer Continue Reading(…)


Old Torch / Lantern Battery Upgrade

-=The Idea=-This old Uniross torch uses a single Lead-acid 4V battery.Why not replace it with a Li-Ion battery, it has a similar voltage.It is smaller, lighter, and has a bigger capacity.The torch has 3 modes :- alternating switch between – 20 LEDs on the side / halogen bulb on the head- On/Off swit…By: FireSword Continue(…)