Re-Engineering a Serial Based Device

Reengeneering a Serial interfaceTarged for reengeneering Fluke 6500 I will do this becouse the Fluke original software is very "user unfriendly, not intuitive" or how my co-worker says "f*d up". Lets start the mystery. Step 1: Research My Device is Fluke 6500-2 Portable Appliance Tester.Searching…By: Anred Zynch Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Based Flute Player Machine

In this instructable, I am trying to present a project that combines art with engineering. A machine that plays the flute. It controls notes using Arduino. Various tune or song can be programmed on Arduino, which Arduino plays on flute. An Arduino controls the notes being played of flute there are n…By: abhilash_patel Continue Reading(…)


NeuroCuddl : Biofeedback Based VR Experience for Stress Relief

Introduction:Stress, anxiety and depression affect a sizeable portion of the populace across different age ranges. Relaxation and controlled breathing along with behavioural visualisation and cognitive control strategies have shown to effective in management.NeuroCuddl is a novel phone based VR head…By: Varun Suresh Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured