Metal Barn Star

As I was cleaning up my shop after my students had completed the assigned SHEET METAL BOX and lid project. I noticed we had lots of good usable pieces of scrap metal left over. The scrap was usable size but not for any project that I currently use in my curriculum. There had always been(…)


Barn owl clock

This hobby started five years ago when I decided to build my sister a clock for the holidays. I was then hooked. I started building all different types of clocks, each one is unique to themselves. This is my favorite so far, be on the lookout for more are to come…You will notice I don’t(…)


Cedar Barn Door

Introduction:I made a thing and made this instructable so you can make a similar thing.Materials: ~26 – Cedar Fence Slates 9 – 1" x 7" x 8′ Cedar Planks Danish Oil Wood Glue Wood Putty Sand Paper 80 & 100 Grit Barn Door Hardware by Industrial By DesignTools: Measur…By: shippityboppity Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Barn Gate

Barn GateCan be used as a gate in fencing, on barns, or any other area where it may fit. *Please read all instructions before creating. Some directions may be out of order due to neatness and ease of instructions. Supplies Materials 5-8 foot pine 2"x6"2-Hinges (of choice)1-Lock (of choice) 70+-…By: morganknilans Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


DIY Sliding Barn Door

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you step-by-step how I built a 36″ sliding barn door from scratch for under $ 200. It can make for an appealing, unique addition to any home, and to get you started, I’m including the FREE Downloadable Plans for this door on my website, so make sure to(…)


Barn Wood Birdhouse

With the use of reclaimed barn wood becoming so popular in home design. it is only natural that someone would want a birdhouse made from such wood. This can be used as an actual birdhouse or as a design element for some themed room. Obtain Barn Wood You will want to find a piece of(…)