Facebook employees argued Trump’s posts should be banned as hate speech

Some Facebook employees have argued that Donald Trump’s posts on the social network should be designated as hate speech and removed, according to a new report. The Wall Street Journal said today that Trump posts calling for a ban on Muslim immigration to the United States had triggered an emotional debate inside Facebook over enforcement(…)


Apple Watch banned from UK cabinet meetings over Russian hacking fears

Politicians in the UK have reportedly been banned from wearing the Apple Watch to cabinet meetings over fears the device could be hacked. According to a report from The Telegraph, the government is worried that the Apple Watch’s microphone could be used to listen in on high-level policy discussions, especially by Russian spies. It’s a justified(…)


Russia’s paralympic team has been banned from 2016 Paralympics in Rio

As the Olympic Games have begun in Rio, the International Paralympic Committee has announced that it has suspended the Russian Paralympic Committee due to concerns over a state-backed doping scheme. As a result, the Russian team will not be permitted to compete in this year’s Paralympics in September. The IPC began its suspension proceedings shortly(…)


Uber suffers setback in Australia after being banned from the Northern Territory

Uber may have won over Australian states including New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, but the company is facing a hold out in the far north. On Monday, the government of the Northern Territory announced it would not be making any regulatory changes to allow the ride share company to operate legally within(…)