Skee Ball From Cardboard

Hello guys and welcome at my firstinstructable, for the first instructable i seleted a cardboard because it is interesting material for many things and also lying in every shop. I wanted to make something really funny, cheap, easy, clean and once more funny. As you could see, the fun was number one …By: uniyor1 Continue(…)


Ball Balancing PID System

This system holds a ball in balance on a plate. A webcam films the system and a python program analyzes the images to find the position of the ball. The python program calculates the tilting of the tray to prevent the ball from falling. A proportional-integral-derivative (PID) regulator is used to c…By: Johan Link Continue(…)


Chocolate Ball

This Instructable shows how to make a chocolate ball at home using very simple tools. Make Chocolate Chips Take 100g of chocolate and make chips out of it.The smaller the better Fill a Ballon With a Funnel Fill a ballon with chocolate chips using a funnel. Blow, Seal and Heat Blow the ballo…By: YouLab Continue(…)


Magic 8 Ball, Open Source, Customizable, Fun and Easy to Build

The world’s first fully customizable, Programmable, Open Source, 3D Printable, Arduino, 8 Ball!This 8 Ball will answer the questions on your mind and help you make decisions … or maybe you want to play 8 Ball Against Humanity? … or can’t find your D20 … or … … the possibilities are limitle…By: MechanicalMashup Continue Reading(…)


Restoring a Mini Ball Peen Hammer

So I got this small Stanley hammer in a large collection of tools and I thought it would be great to restore. A perfect little hammer for knocking in pins into knife scales.Here’s a list of some stuff you will need.Wire wheel for drill DrillPunch Hammer SandpaperWood/metal wedge for hammerWd40 (or a…By: Bitter Blade Co(…)


MP3 Foam Soccer Ball for the Blind

This project is a fall out from the Blind Basketball project I was involved in recently. I made an instructable :…One part of the project was to get the students from the School for the blind to get involved in developing a reasonable sound or so…By: rodboudreaux Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured