Heritage Wool Baby Blanket Quilt

The blanket quilt is made from repurposed, felted wool sweaters; the binding is made from a repurposed, felted wool suit jacket. The blanket has a narrow seam allowance and no backing, the seams provide sensory and tactile stimulation for baby’s inquisitive mind and hands. Wool is water resistant…By: BigSkyCntry Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


2in1 Baby Sleeping Bag

The Warm Baby/Newborn 2in1 Envelope with cute Bunny ears and a protective hood, transforms into a baby blanket and small pillow. Elastic band with a bow can be used for tying the blanket. It is double sided: one 100% natural cotton, and other soft plush. I created this Envelope as a gift for …By: Auroris(…)


Making a Baby Gate for Cheap

Now that our daughter has decided she wants to climb on and over everything in our house it’s time to baby proof the stairs. There are a bunch of commercial baby gates available, but I wanted to make one to an exact size that didn’t cost too much.Here is what I used: Rigid Table Saw(…)