Awesome English Breakfast Muffins

welcome to my first instructable, English breakfast muffins..There really is no finer accompaniment to a cooked breakfast than these muffins, we have them every Sunday and as they freeze and toast brilliantly from frozen they are very convenient. Mixing the Dough first things first, the ingredien…By: Gav110780 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


7 Awesome Halloween Deco’s

I’m currently constructing a complete and pretty elaborated Halloween costume.I decided to separate the costume, the deco’s and props into 3 dedicated Instructables.Be sure to have a look HERE for the full costume; “Death Doctor of Plague” (wait for it..! no link yet)And for the deco’s, have a look …By: Brian M V Continue Reading(…)


3D Awesome Serenity Fountain

Build a maker project to inspire some summer fun or a natural respite to add to your fortress of solitude. Gather Your Materials! First stop is to the 3D printer. We love our Imade 3D Jellybox and you can access the designs through Tinkercad and adapt as need. You are building a layered fountain…By: nsekkins(…)


How to Make Your 3D Prints Look Awesome

3D printers are amazing, but how do you turn your beautiful plastic creation into something more? Turns out, it’s not that hard! All you need is some stuff you can find at your local hardware store, and some patience.I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation and research to find simple methods that …By: JackDefay Continue(…)


Laptop Cooling Pad DIY | Awesome Life Hacks With CPU Fan | Creative Ideas | Computer Fan

You need to watch this video until its end. for understanding the video. CPU Cooling Fan You need 5, 12V CPU Cooling Fansyou can buy CPU fan it from here: Fan Connection Connect all CPU Fan’s in Parallel. You will need a USB cable for power You can use old Micro USB…By: Creative creator(…)


Awesome Binder Wings

These wings may not help you fly, but they look pretty cool in motion! I discovered this project While thinking about what I could make with a binder. Pretty weird, right? Let me show you how to make them! Materials: Paracord. One piece, 145cm, two pieces, about 80cm, a binder, and an X-Acto knif…By: awalston887(…)