This rousing Stranger Things acceptance speech was just one of many defiant voices at the SAG awards

On one of the most politically charged weekends in recent US history, it might have been tempting for the celebrities at the Screen Actors Guild awards to retreat into the fictional stories they were celebrating. But instead, from the awards’ opening beats, they didn’t shy away from the news of the day, addressing the topics(…)


The Verge Awards at CES 2017: Hi, Alexa

For at least the second year in a row, CES was quiet. Much like 2016’s show, this year’s consumer electronics spectacle lacked blockbuster products, brands behaving badly, or unpredictable trends. Technology, whether it’s our phones, TVs, or computers, is in its adult period, where changes happen slowly and iteratively. But there was still movement at(…)


The inaugural Dragon Awards highlight the populist side of science fiction and fantasy

This year’s inaugural Dragon Awards were handed out today at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia. The winners show a remarkable contrast to the recipients of this year’s Hugo Award winners, one of the major awards in science fiction and fantasy literature. The Dragon Awards were instituted earlier this year in conjunction with the convention’s 30th(…)