Solar Powered: Automatically Open Window Drapes(curtains) in the Morning and Close at Night.

In this world, there is a need to make every task automated. The beauty of automatic things is that they can function without human intervention. Some people say automation is leading to laziness. Others say it eases lives. Either way, it will be fun to have a machine with can open the windows at th…By:(…)


Simple Inexpensive Float Valve Automatically Keeps Your Garden Fountain Filled

We have a garden fountain that loses water to the wind and sun, requiring frequent and lengthy re-filling from a nearby garden hose. I found an inexpensive plastic float valve and rigged it with drip irrigation hardware to keep the fountain filled automatically. Works great!Total cost was about twen…By: DanDiego Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)

The Evernote email trick everyone should use: How to forward emails automatically

One of the most attractive features of Evernote is the many ways you can create notes without ever touching your keyboard. Among these is the ability to email notes to Evernote if you have one of Evernote’s paid plans. While you can do this manually, if you have certain types of messages that you continually(…)


Lumen Automatically Adjusts Your Mac’s Brightness Based on What You’re Looking At On-Screen

Mac: An app like F.lux is great for adjusting your screen’s temperature, but not everyone wants to stare at an orange screen just to make it more readable. Lumen’s a tool that automatically adjusts the brightness without fudging around with the temperature. Read more… Lifehacker