Kevlar Armor Plating

We decided our senior year of high school to do somethingfun for our first semester engineering project. The two of us decided to design and build Kevlar armor plates scaled to our bodies. Over the course of 18 weeks we designed, built and refined our armor plates using several processes including v…By: DanBanCreations Continue Reading(…)


Armor From Toilet Paper Rolls

No warrior is complete without his armor! Except barbarians… And wizards… Materials Cardboard toilet paper tubes (A lot of them)Duct tapeString or cordScissorsBrass fastenersA paper clip Ready Your Materials Fold all of the toilet paper rolls flat and cut along one of the folds so that you…By: Nemesis-Perilous Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Genji’s (Carbon fiber) Armor EN/FR Armure de Genji Overwatch

ENPrice : +- 12$ (+ sportwear)Material :Genji’s reference kit :…EVA foam :…5V Blue LED strip :…3.7V Li-ion/Li-Po battery3.7VBattery charger :…By: Neodyme Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Nintendo’s new Zelda amiibo explains Breath of the Wild’s mysterious Fierce Deity armor

During one of its Direct live-streams this evening, Nintendo revealed three new Zelda amiibo alongside an avalanche of release dates for new Switch games. These amiibo include Link toys specific to N64 classic Majora’s Mask and the Wii U entries in the franchise, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. In doing so, Nintendo brought to a(…)


How to make Princess Zelda Jewels and Armor (Twilight Princess)

This tutorial will show you how to make Princess Zelda’s armor and jewels using EVA foam and polymer clay! The crown Tools & materials:-Metallic gold polymer clay (x2) -Hot glue gun & hot glue-Aluminium craft wire -1 Light blue acrylic rhinestone teardrop -1 Light blue flatback rhinestone round …By: ProfGenki Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)