by Francesco Fusco ( of the project is to interface a Disk Dialer (or a numbers selector) located on old phone (fixed line) with open source electronics in order to manage this input device (the ancestor of all digital keypads) (pict.1). Description and Objective …By: FrancescoFusco Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Bathroom Scale With 50 Kg Load Cells and HX711 Amplifier

This Instructable describes how to make a weighing scale using readily available off the shelf parts.Materials needed:Arduino – (this design uses a standard Arduino Uno, other Arduino versions or clones should work also)HX711 on breakout board – This microchip is specially made for amplifying the si…By: DegrawSt Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Interfacing Keypad With Arduino. [Unique Method]

Hello, and welcome to my first instructable ! :)In this instructables I would like to share an awesome library for interfacing keyboard with arduino – ‘Password library’ including ‘Keypad Library’ . This library includes the best features that we will be discussing in the further steps. this library…By: Sensational Leo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


SIMPLE Arduino VU Meter

Hi there this is my 4th instructable and hopefully my best! I have been away for a long time so hopefully this will be a good one!Just to let you know , I am a 13 year old maker so please don’t leave hate, Vote if you want to! ;DFor anyone who doesn’t know a(…)


Arduino Oled Dice

This instructable is about how you how you can built a very nice looking electronic dice using an oled display and an Arduino uno or similar.At the very beginning of this project I decided that after the prototype was finish I wanted to build a custom made version, so in this inscrutable there is de…By:(…)


Model Train Control on Arduino

This instruction illustrate principal create railway classical model layout control unit. A communicate through bluetooth between Arduino and Android (or computer, or minicomputer) allows you to switch arrows, run trains.More complicated project for railway layout control see on www.arduinorailmaket…By: Steve Massikker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured