Arduino Word Clock Mini

Arduino Word Clock Mini- Anniversary ClockRelatively easy to build Word Clock using a Arduino Nano and four MAX7219 32mm Dot Matrix Display ModulesChoice of styles, picture frame or Perspex cube with various base options. Specs Mini Arduino Word Clock with minute resolution of time in words and line…By: oliverb Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Arduino DIY Geiger Counter

So you have ordered a DIY Geiger counter and you want to connect it to your Arduino. You go on line and try to duplicate how others have connected their Geiger counter to Arduino only to find something is wrong. Although your Geiger counter seems to work nothing works as described in the DIY you(…)


Arduino Air Bonsai Levitation

It’s been a long time since my previous tutorial, my work is quite busy and I spend less time on Instructables. This time is a project that I like very much since my first saw it on Kickstarter: Air Bonsai. I was really surprised at how the Japanese made it, really a beautiful and mysterious(…)