How to Make Your Own Apron

If you spend any amount of time in a woodworking workshop you’ll likely leave with sawdust filling your pockets. I have had many shop aprons in the past, but none of them fit me well and were to complex for my liking. I decided to make my own custom woodworking apron using waterproof canvas, 1"(…)


Space Station Shop Apron

I want to dress like a distant landscape at all times – working in the shop is no exception. With full colour digital printing easily accessible, I like to create clothing and accessories covered in prints.This print is of a painting Nasa commissioned in the 1970’s while they were exploring the poss…By: switchback_sea Continue Reading(…)


Snow White Apron

My girls like to help me in the kitchen and they like doing it dressed up in costumes. Our kitchen has already brought down one Frozen dress because SOMEONE refused to take it off for the Christmas baking. And so I though to solve the problem and make both sides happy by making a princess(…)


Art Apron ;)

Hi! Apart from sewing, I love art and painting and messing around in the kitchen – and my aprons have suffered for it haha. Most of the aprons out there don’t have deep pockets for my art brushes (those that do have them, are out of my price range!). So I decided to make one(…)


Retro Style Apron

As my profile states, I’m no pro at sewing or giving direction so please bare with me! Today I made this "retro style" apron. I had found this adorable shale fabric and wanted to make an apron, but all the patterns were not quite what I was looking for. I decided to wing it and(…)


Work Apron

This is the very first revision of a multi purpose apron able to both save clothes from DIY creative activity and also be useful when it comes to stay close to glasses tools and any other instrument.In this release I’ve added only one pocket but the plan is to step by step add more Material(…)