E.T. – UHF Indoor TV Antenna

If you can’t use proper outdoor TV antenna you’re most likely stuck with “rabbit ears”. They use small, built in loop antenna to receive UHF broadcasts, while telescopic rods are only used to receive VHF broadcasts. Most of the digital terrestrial television channels in Poland are now broadcasted in…By: rarinn Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Simple HDTV Antenna!

Are you tired of paying for TV you don’t watch? Are you tired of the slow internet because of "internet tv"? Do you not want to spend hundreds of dollars for an antenna and installation? Do you want an easy way to make a TV antenna?Follow this instructable, and you’ll learn how!You will almost defin…By:(…)


Oppo’s ‘six-string’ antenna line design proves innovation isn’t dead

A whole lot of companies take design inspiration from Apple, like, pretty much exact design inspiration. It makes for a boring phone landscape. But do you know how companies think they’ll win the hearts of consumers and tech writers to outdo Apple? Antenna lines. Those dang antenna lines, while crucial to cell reception, are ugly.(…)