‘Failed’ Indiegogo film project was a troll all along

Two years ago, FND Films, a Chicago-based comedy group, raised $ 77,900 on Indiegogo to produce a feature-length film, It’s All Good. It was the company’s second time around on the crowdfunding service, after a successful $ 11,000 campaign to create the 40-minute short film, Punching. No real information was given about the movie, other than it(…)


The Solar Roadway is getting a (tiny) test along Route 66

Solar Roadway’s crazy plan to replace America’s roads with solar panels has always been met with a mixture of public glee and pragmatic criticism. Now, though, the company is getting a new, tiny public test, with a stretch of solar sidewalk to be installed on Route 66. According to Missouri’s News Tribune, Solar Roadway’s hexagonal, LED-embedded solar(…)


How to Get Along With Literal Thinkers

Some people just can’t take a hint—not for lack of trying, but because they actually don’t know how. It can be frustrating for both them and you to communicate when it feels like you’re speaking two different languages. Here is how to speak so they can understand, and communicate in a positive manner. EditSteps Understand(…)