Google Maps starts explaining what foreign businesses actually are

If you’ve ever tried getting around when traveling in a country with an unfamiliar language, you might have had trouble figuring out what all the businesses around you are, even if you could read the names. A new Google Maps feature developed in Japan and launching there today, however, should offer a little clarity. While(…)


Usable Privacy Shows You What Privacy Policies Actually Mean, in Plain English

Privacy policies are notoriously dense and written in legalese—mostly to protect the company behind them—but Usable Privacy wants to distill them into something you can actually read and understand. Just give the service a URL, and if the privacy policy is available, it’ll break it down into segments and clean it up so you can(…)


Sorry, Disneyland: Denmark is actually the happiest place on Earth

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark, perhaps better known for its fictional, suicide-agonizing prince Hamlet and fierce marauding Vikings than being a nation of the happiest people, has just won that very accolade. Again. Even U.S. Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have singled out the small Scandinavian country as an example of a happy,(…)


That 23 Jump Street-Men in Black crossover movie might actually happen

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill buddy movie 23 Jump Street will, in fact, be a crossover film with Men in Black. The idea for combining the two franchises was first leaked as part of Sony’s devastating hack in 2014, and now several industry publications have confirmed that the studio is moving ahead with the project. The two(…)

8 Android voice commands that are actually really useful

Sure, it’s cool to say, “OK Google” to your Android phone and ask questions like, “What’s the best sushi place nearby?” or “How did Mount Everest get its name?” But once the novelty of gimmicky voice commands like those wears off, you may find yourself hardly ever speaking to your Android device—well, unless you’re chatting(…)