Cat Activity Centre

So I’m a bit of a cardboard box hoarder (you never know when you might need one right?) and over the years I managed to collect quite a few of them. The time has come and I finally decided to put them to use and I couldn’t come up with anything better than a cozy(…)

How to jazz up your Firefox new-tab page with the upcoming Activity Stream feature

Later in 2017, Mozilla plans to revamp the new-tab page (again) with something called the Activity Stream. For a while now, Mozilla has thought about turning the new-tab page into a kind of home base for your browsing activity. The browser maker thinks it’s finally hit on something that users will find useful. But you(…)


How to find out everything Google knows about you in the new My Activity dashboard

Google recently launched a new dashboard that presents all the key data it collects from you in one easy-to-find interface.  The upside for you is that it provides a lot more control and transparency over what Google has collected, as you can find your web and search history, location timeline, Google services (Gmail, YouTube, Drive,(…)