Active Music Party LED Lantern & Bluetooth Speaker With Glow in the Dark PLA

Hello, and thank you for tuning into my Instructable!Every year I do an interesting project with my son who is now 14. We have built a Quadcopter, Swimming Pace Clock (which is an Instructable as well), a CNC enclosure bench, and Fidget Spinners.With winter upon us, and a couple camping trips comin…By: MichaelH814 Continue Reading(…)


Particle / Active Carbon Air Filter Using a 120mm Delta High Static Pressure 12V Fan, Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V As PWM Control, and 3D Printed Cases

I am usually running one or two 3D printers in my workshop, and although I don’t print ABS, I do print carbon fiber and other materials that have been identified as giving off ultrafine particle emissions and fumes.After noticing that the air did occasionally have some odor and reading about some of…By: GSink Continue Reading(…)