Easy Tabletop Accessories

If you’re having a dinner party or just want to give your dining room table some nice accents, these easy projects are for you. This Instructable includes instructions for how to make woven cardboard place mats, napkin rings, place cards, and a bread basket. Cardboard table decor is easy to match wi…By: Indeluin Continue Reading(…)


Pocket Accessories Holder

Hello there,today i am presenting to you a pocket size accessories holder with an overall dimensions of (66 x 64.5 x 20mm) that can accomodate and support diferent things that can fit in its small space.Made entirely from a 3d printer with a PLA white filament.Currently my design can function as a …By: johrek Continue(…)


Homemade Roof Rack With Accessories

This Instructable is a companion project to a previous Instructable project of mine called Wooden Roof Rack which can be found here.. I created this Instructable to address some concerns a few members had expressed with using wood for the mount and rails of my original roof rack.It was recommended …By: dale1952 Continue Reading »(…)


Amazon is issuing refunds for some Galaxy Note 7 accessories

Now that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is officially dead, with production stopped and customers being asked to power down the device and exchange it, a whole slew of accessories have been rendered useless. For those who may have bought a case, wireless charging dock, or some other Note 7 accessory on, there is hope. Users on(…)