♡ Make Your Own ZINE ♡

Hi hello! Today, we’re going to make our own personal zine. I made mine as a gift for my parents’ anniversary.A zine is like a mini magazine that you can easily create at home! It can be about absolutely anything: A gift for your family and friends with a letter Diary Gratitude journal Things y…By:(…)


Pseudo Secret Ring Box

Pseudo Secret Ring Box is a decorative (well, the best I could) "secret" ring box with a twist (sorry…). Grasp the top, twist the bottom 180 degrees, and the ring box opens. Keep twisting another 180 degrees, and the ring box closes. Small neodymium magnets in the shell halves assist in aligning a…By: gzumwalt Continue(…)


Potentiometer Feedback Control: Implementing a Soft Extend Limit

In this Instructable we will be debriefing the method of setting a soft extension limit for actuators with potentiometer feedback. After completing this tutorial you will be able to successfully control the fully extended position of a linear actuator. All programming will be completed in the Ardu…By: Progressive Automations Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Easy Outdoor Smoker Tips

BBQ is a great. Being outside with a fire, smelling that distinctive burning smell will make you remember your best meal from another party. Naturally I was drawn to the cooking shows and specifically the BBQ contest. Huge tanks cooking even bigger cuts of meat for hours on end. The time commitment…By: tliguori330 Continue Reading(…)


DIY Glass Lights

Broke away old glasses?? Got a scold from mom or from anybody?? Forget that. You will now build something which can be kept on as a showpiece and all you will forget all the scolds XD. Here you will recycle those broken glass pieces and build out a beautiful color changing lights. The glass pieces(…)