Arduino Based Flute Player Machine

In this instructable, I am trying to present a project that combines art with engineering. A machine that plays the flute. It controls notes using Arduino. Various tune or song can be programmed on Arduino, which Arduino plays on flute. An Arduino controls the notes being played of flute there are n…By: abhilash_patel Continue Reading(…)


How to Choose Lip Liner

If you’re confused about what lip liner to use, no worries! When in doubt, match your lip liner color to the color of your lipstick. If you want to get a liner to use with any shade, pick the one that matches your natural lip color as close as possible. You can also base your(…)


Export an SVG File in Fusion 360

A friend recently purchased a new laser cutter and asked me how to use Fusion 360 to export SVG files. I suggested simply exporting DXF files instead but it turns out the brand of laser he bought only accepts SVG files. This was the same problem I had with a desktop CNC mill I had(…)


Micro Brush for Macro Shooting

Who does not know, the problem of dust removal in small objects. Especially in macro photography, every grain of dust quickly turns into big stone and every thread into a thick rope. Blowing usually does not help much, especially with the sticky cobwebs. Even a fine brush becomes a thick brush in th…By: bauanleitung Continue(…)