Making the Blue Sword

The Blue Sword is heavily featured in two books that have long been among my favorites, The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley, and I’ve wanted to make it for a while. The Blue Sword is also a magic sword, and occasionally will do things like rain blue fire down(…)


Triangle Wooden Pet House

This is triangle wooden pet house for cat,birds,rabbits and small dogs,it’s wooden so It can be put indoor or outdoor prevents the water and snow to get inside and safe the beloved pets.If you like this instructables please vote for it. Tools and Supplies ToolsHand sawHammerDrill and Screw Driver…By: Umair Workshop Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Paracord Bracelet With LED Light

A new fun way to make survival bracelets! Materials Materials needed to make this project are listed below: E6000 glue 10 feet of Paracord (two 5 foot sections for dual colored bracelet)Cardstock Paper one 3v watch battery an LED light a lighter a pair of scissors measuring tape scotch tape flin…By: TyTyrules Continue Reading »(…)


Mini Pasta Machine Etching Press

Printmaking is considered one of the more democratic methods of making art, thanks to the ease of making multiples. Many types of printmaking can be done using basic household items, but etching has remained an outlier because you really need an etching press to do it, and etching presses are very e…By: crumpart Continue Reading(…)


DIY Perspex Turntable Cover

So, I dug out my old vinyl. Scored a Sweeeeeeet Turntable! I found a new turntable on Facebook market. A Dual 505-2 which worked great and had a fair needle. It had a couple of issues, in that, in the past someone had removed its feet and when it went into storage for a few(…)


Elephant Robot

In my first year of university, one of my lecturers sent his robot to entertain the crowds at Brighton’s Maker Faire and I was one of the people controlling it. Boys came up and put things in its claw hand or got squirted with water from the gun that made up its other arm. Although(…)


Coffee Table Planter

A small deck with over sized furniture required an undersized coffee table. After kicking some ideas around, a trip to the lumber store yielded a small pile of wood to make a table that would require minimal cutting. Well minimal in a sense, and now that I think about it, not really any less than(…)


How To Bake a Perfect Pie

When making a pie there are three elements that are most tricky. The real trick is to manage water content in each of the three main elements of the pie. The Crust The Filling The ToppingThe Goal… remove hurdles and show that long recipes often make things more complicated. To make a grea…By: jprussack Continue(…)


How to View Purchased Apps in iOS

This wikiHow teaches you how to see a list of your downloaded apps on an iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind that this includes free apps. EditSteps Make sure that you’re signed into your Apple ID. If you aren’t signed into the Apple ID with which you bought iOS apps, you won’t be able to(…)