Paint Stick Crate

Here is a cute little "whatnot" box made with stuff that you can find at your home center. It can be built with as little as a hammer. It is an excellent project to do with a kid. Materials You are going to need 14 paint sticks and two pieces of 1×6 common pine, 8"(…)


CO2 Ppm Sensor Logger ($140)

The goal of this project is to build a cheap alternative to measuring CO2 ppm in the air. It’s a nice simple way to see over-time change in ppm using a cheap NDIR carbon sensor and a temperature/pressure sensor to achieve better accuracy.In this project you will need to:- Solder – Wire- Code- 3D pri…By:(…)


Awesome SpiderMan Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are great toys. They are growing like insane and everyone loves them. They also useful if you have diseases like autism, depression and restlessness. Or you can even use them for just fidgeting.Of Course, there are a lot of fidget spinners available in the market, some cheap or expen…By: HardiqV Continue Reading »(…)


Create FlipCover for Dual Screen Phone/ Uncommon Phone From Other Phone’s Flipcover (No Sew)

Dual-screen phones are not exactly common in the market (there are currently less than 5 of them), and the market itself is not big enough, so it’s understandable that the choice for accessories are rather limited.I’m always a big fan of flipcovers (all my gadgets are inside their own flipcovers). O…By: alfirk Continue Reading »(…)