Leaf Stool

This stool’s top board is shaped leaf.It is easy to carry because this can disassemble when you want.Materials:OSB(11.5mm),MDF(5.5mm),round wood bar(Φ24*450mm),screwsTools:rhinoceros,laser cutter machine,CNC,3D printerThis idea is based on my teacher, YAMASHITAKEN’s work:https://www.instructables.co…By: watanabeee Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Making Tangrams in Tinkercad

Tangrams is a puzzle game likely invented in China, which consists of seven geometric puzzle pieces (called ‘tans’) that are used to form specific shapes, which are usually shown as a silhouette. The goal of the game is to recreate the silhouette, using all seven pieces.In this instructable, we shal…By: endigoldsword Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Giant Alphabet Blocks

Some really close friends of ours just had a baby and as a Christmas gift to them, we decided to make some wicked big alphabet blocks with their kiddo’s initials! We wanted to use the X-Carve CNC to make some really neat animal carvings, some letters, numbers and of course some skulls! Because…bab…By: WickedMakers Continue(…)


How to Wrap a Round Gift

Wrapping gifts can be fun, but it gets tough when you’re wrapping up oddly-shaped objects, especially circular ones. They don’t have edges, so it’s hard to know where to fold your paper without wrinkling it or making the present look awkward and bulky. With some strategic folding and cutting, though, you can wrap up that(…)


Make a Farmhouse Style Hutch

This is a farmhouse-style hutch I made. It features a solid oak counter top with a pair of hidden solid maple hanging drawers inside the lower cabinet.A similar hutch could be made in any form you like, using a variety of materials with some basic building techniques. Take a look through my build p…By: seamster(…)