Watering Plant Cage

This 3D-printed design is a plant cage that also allows water to be delivered directly to the roots. This version is designed to be placed inside a separate planter. Design the Frame The initial strut is created using the "Coil" command in Fusion 360. To minimize the amount of support material (s…By: Coengineer Continue Reading(…)


Mid-Century Modern Desk

This high desk, made of wood planks and hairpin legs, was built with just a few hand-held tools.Hairpin legs and slightly slanted sides give a mid-century modern character. 3D modeling in OpenSCAD helped get the wanted shape.The desired style variant was obtained by carefully choosing the materials …By: laxap Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Laser Cut Cactus Planter

Using laser cutting and fusion 360 to create DXF file, this is my take on generative design and shape optimisation to inspire the design. My goal was to use as less wood as possible but still be able to create something that was strong and sturdy, as well as being able to have the pot(…)


How to Recycle Cables

The rapid advancement of consumer technology makes life a little more convenient every day. Unfortunately, it also means that accessories from outdated devices have a tendency to pile up in a hurry. Companies like Best Buy and Apple will usually be happy to take unused electrical cables off your hands and ensure that they’re properly(…)


T-Track Assembly Table / Workbench

This assembly table is built to keep everything I used most often close at hand while building and finishing! It has a "rough" side where I keep common tools, screws, clamps, joinery aids, etc.. the "finish" side carries finishes, brushes, cloths, stand offs, paint sprayers, etc. And each end holds …By: YouCanMakeThisToo Continue Reading »(…)


Rainbow Sudoku Set

I’ve always wanted to make a colourful Sudoku game and the Instructables Rainbow contest was the perfect excuse to get the paints out and fire up the workshop!Sudoku is normally played with the numbers 1-9, but you can have more fun by replacing numbers with pretty colours! Also, bringing the game o…By: tdonoclift Continue Reading(…)


How to Be Happy Being Yourself

It’s easy to wish you looked like or acted like someone else, or had the cushy job or great boyfriend that someone else has. No matter who you are, you can learn to be happy and fulfilled with your life. Take time to appreciate your talents and characteristics while forming a healthy body image and(…)