Temperature Sensing Cup Lid

Aaron Worthington, Anna Everett, Ilya SidorovProblem Statement: Coffee is too hot when first made! We’re busy people, and busy people don’t have time to keep track of the temperature of their morning bean water. Why can’t we just have something to tell us when we can drink our hot drink?How it works…By: isidorov Continue Reading(…)


Homemade Benchtop Bandsaw

Hello all! Glad to see you again. It is Zep here, and this time we are building a bandsaw!Well fellas, I always thought a bandsaw is a magic thing. You can rip, you can cross-cut, you can resaw, you can make your own veneers and fancy bandsaw boxes. In general, you just have to flip(…)


Game Blanket

This is a game design project. Every square has an LED and a soft switch under it. At the beginning of the game, 3 LEDs will be turned on, and then the users need to use their body parts to trigger the 3 squares. After that, more LEDs will be turned on, so the users(…)


Making Simple Cardcase

Making of Simple card case (business card holder) ver.2 Hope you like my video and leather craft template. [Material & Thickness] Leather : Dakota 1.8t (Italian vegetable tanned) Supplier : EzerLeather Making pattern Print the pattern and paste it with a hard type paperthen cut it out Cutting …By: hahnsatelier Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Toddler Fun Box

This is a little box I made for my grandson, who is almost 2. If he can’t figure stuff out, his two older brothers will be more than happy to help. Gather Gadgets Some of these I had lying around, others I had to buy. Everything will be screwed down, and nothing is unsafe or(…)


Wooden Resin Wall Art

To learn more about the AMAZING WORX Pegasus CLICK HEREClick the link above to grab your WO RX Pegasus with code ‘SOCIALWOOD10’ and you will get 10% off + free shipping! Thank you WORX for sponsoring this Project!Wood and Epoxy Inlay Sign + WORX Pegasus Giveaway ContestTo enter our Giveaway Contest …By: socialwoodworks Continue Reading(…)


How to Make a Shrimp Tempura Roll

Sushi originated in south Asia during the fourth century B.C. and has since become a cultural symbol for Japan. Recently, sushi has blown up in America, becoming a trendy, healthy, and delicious lunch choice. While tempura rolls aren’t a traditional form of sushi, they’re still a delicious option if you’re craving sushi rolls! EditIngredients EditFor(…)