Hamburger Birthday Cake

My son challenged me to make a hamburger birthday cake for him. I couldn’t find any online tutorials so I winged it and put the results on here. You Will Need: 2 x 7" diameter cake tinsA 7" diameter oven proof dishGreaseproof paper10" diameter round cake boardPalette knifePastry brushCircular pas…By: lucychops Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


PVC Tablet Holder

Like most of you, I like to tinker around and improve things. Instructables has been a great resource to me in my endeavors. Many times I will be working on a project and following along with an instructable. While this is a good idea, it also presents a risk to the tablet with possible spills(…)


How to Avoid Gaining Weight over Thanksgiving

Turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie…holiday weight gain is practically a national sport. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this blessed bingeing session (for once) didn’t wreck your waistline woes? Enjoying Thanksgiving doesn’t mean unavoidable weight gain! Put in some planning time, learn to reframe your attitude towards the Thanksgiving foods themselves, and you’re headed for more Holiday(…)


Remote Control Tissue Box

Have you ever needed tissues but been too sick to go get them? I know I have. Which is why I have made a moving tissue box! Now your tissues can roll across the floor to you! As an added bonus, you can also prank people by leaving your moving tissue box somewhere, then unexpectedly(…)


How to Make an Ultrasonic Range Finder Using an LCD and Arduino

In this Arduino tutorial I will show you how to use the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and integrate it with an LCD display, so that it can display the distance between the sensor and certain objects.Materials Needed:- Arduino UNO- Breadboard- 16 x 2 LCD Display- HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor- 10K Potentiome…By: andrewfalc Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)