Making My Own Mini-cruiser Skateboard

For a school project we got asked to do basically anything. We could make something, follow a course, attend some lectures… Basically anything that was somewhat related to my study was allowed. Ever since I started skateboarding/longboarding myself, I have always wanted to make my own deck. So I t…By: Roalddd Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)



It’s been 50 years since the movie 2001 was released and in celebration of that event (and to hide the plethora of Amazon Echos in my house), I decided to build a Amazon Alexa Into a HAL9000 replica.My first attempt was just to build the HAL9000 as a ‘holder’ for the Amazon Echo, but I(…)


Ghost Rider Costume

Adding smoke effect for your costume is easier to achieve than you might think, using a vaping e-cig loaded with vegetable glycol and pumped using a small aquarium pump. Tucking some flickering LEDs into incospicuous places can give a realistic fire and smoke look to your next costume. I made thi…By: mikeasaurus Continue Reading »(…)


How to Pack a Diaper Bag for a Plane Trip

When traveling with a newborn or toddler, it is important to be ready for anything. Pack your diaper bag so you have all the essentials covered. Include toys, first aid supplies, and pacifiers. Bring feeding items, like formula, milk, and snacks. Don’t forget changing items, such as diapers, diaper cream, and extra clothes. Throw all(…)


Leather Strap Clutch

The shape seemed simple, so I made it quick and failed once. I should have been more careful. For the lid and full bias work, I worked with my hands to make the work at home by yourself. And I didn’t use any reinforcement but use reinforcement if you want to make it harder. Even(…)


The Blockchain Game

Blockchain technology is being applied—or attempting to be applied—in many new areas including law, shipping, contracts, government, healthcare, etc. Putting aside the issue of whether all these applications are really a good fit for blockchain technology, more people want to know how a blockchain w…By: JScottMO Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured