Eurorack modular synth base

I wanted a base for my eurorack modular synth. My requirements were: 3 rows of 84hp, and it should fit well right under my Doepfer A-100P9 case.Bill of material: 6x Subrack horizontal front rails with lip: Schroff 34560-1846x M3 threaded inserts: Schroff 34561-4841x Mean Well RT-65B switching power …By: UlysseR Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Crochet Heart #1 (small)

Hi guys! =)In today’s Instructable, I wanna share with you the pattern to make a basic Crochet heart.This project is really easy and fast to make, and as a plus, it doesn’t need a lot of yarn, so you can use some leftovers that you might have.Keep having an amazing day and… let’s begin! =DP.S.Don’…By:(…)


How to Rotate Tires

Tire rotations are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of the tires you purchase. Over time, with different driving conditions, your tires are prone to uneven tire wear. Depending on your style of driving, it is wise to rotate your tires about every , roughly every other oil change. Read on(…)

How to use Cortana with Netflix, Uber, and other Windows Store apps

It might feel weird to talk to your computer, but that’s something you should really get over when it comes to Windows 10. Otherwise you’ll miss out on all the ways Cortana, its built-in digital assistant, can help you out: creating reminders, making calendar appointments, sending an SMS (in conjunction with a Windows 10 mobile device(…)